Photoshop geometry

In this Photoshop tutorial, you will see how you can make delightful unimaginable shapes of a complex configuration from standard shapes that are installed in the program by default.

I guarantee you that the process of creating these figures will enthrall you and take great pleasure.

Let’s start!

So create a new document. 400 × 400px, Select an arbitrary shape tool.

Download the “Shapes” form package. And choose a multi-pointed star there.

Set the shape mode.

Hold key Shift and draw a star on the document.

Now begin to freaks with forms. Take the tool Direct selection tool (Arrow).

With this tool you can mark certain points, which will then undergo transformation.

In this case, we need to select the points on the inner corners of the star. Try to grab the inside corners with the arrow.

Oh, the squad noticed the loss of a fighter? Look, one dot on top remains white – it means it is not highlighted. We need to take her with us.

Pinch Shift (this will allow you to make an additional selection). And now either click on the missing point or select it as shown in the figure.

Now finally everything is assembled. Click Ctrl + T to trigger the free transform tool. Pinch Shift + Alt, grab the corner of the frame and drag it to the center.

Turn the frame a little to the left, then even steeper to the left, so that inside there is a tangle. What do I advise you here, twist wherever you want!

Then click Enter or a tick on top to apply all transformations.

Our lush starlet squeezed slightly:

Take the Arrow tool again, click on the shape – a contour will appear, and if you click on a contour, white dots will appear.

Your task is to select only extreme points. Get started. Clamp Shift and select the arrow.

I hope everything went smoothly with you: inside the dots are white, outside are gray.

Again Ctrl + t for transformation. We clamp Shift + Alt and decrease. Then Enter.

We are almost there! It remains a little.

Take the move tool and check the box next to Show Bounding Box, although you may have Show Transform Controls (Photoshop CS2 version). In Russian it is – “Show controls.”

Pinch Shift and scale.

How do you!? Photoshop subtlest art in your hands! Do not forget the window Layer style, it is at your disposal.

Below are a couple of examples made on the same principle!

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