Planetary rings

How to create rings for the planet? Nothing is easier !!!
The question of how to create planetary rings came to me when translating the lesson “Create your own space”. I really wanted to make the picture more complete. Here is a very simple way to add realism to your picture.

Open the image with the planet. I used the final picture from the lesson “Create your own space”.

Step 1. Create a new layer with a black background and add a filter of differential clouds. Filters> Render> Difference clouds (Filter> Rendering> Difference Clouds). Make sure that the colors of the primary and secondary backgrounds are black and white respectively, this will give you a contrast effect. Click CTRL-F, to repeat the filter once or twice.

Step 2. Apply Filter> Distort> Twirl (Filter> Distortion> Twist; angle) with angle 999.

This filter can also be repeated several times. You should get something like this.

Step 3. Now choose Eraser tooland a soft round brush of the desired size and erase the central part and the outer edges to get such an ellipse. You can also use elliptical selection to remove the necessary parts.

Step 4. Now we change the shape of our rings so that they become more similar to real ones. To do this, choose Edit> Transform> Scale (Edit> Transform> Zoom) and change the shape while the ring is in such a way that it becomes flat. Confirm the change with enter.

Step 5. Now we will add noise to make the rings look like from small asteroids. Filter> noise> add noise (Filter> Noise> Add Noise), amount (quantity) put on 15%, distribution Gaussian (distribution according to Gauss), and put another tick monochromatic (monochrome).

Step 6. Now we will slightly adjust the color range. For this we go Image> Adjustments> Levels (Image> Correction> Levels). Move the center triangle (from the distribution graph) to a value of about 0.50, as in the picture.

Step 7. Now we will select the color of the rings according to your pattern, for this we go Image> Adjustments> Hue / Saturation (Image> Correction> Hue / Saturation) or click Cntr + U. Turn on colorize (toning) and change the color to the desired.

Step 8. So we finished making the rings. Now put Blending mode (overlay mode) on Screen (Lightening) in this way, the black color will become invisible. Place the rings around the planet and erase parts that are redundant (use a layer mask for this, or make a copy of the layer, then you will not lose the original result).

Now your planets will have rings!
Good luck!

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