Postcard to March 8

Not so long left to wait on March 8. For this holiday we will create a beautiful card.
Let’s start.

Create a new document size 600×650 px. Take the tool Gradient (G) (Gradient), make a smooth color transition from pale blue to white.

Open some picture or photo with clouds. I used this:

Copy this photo into your document on a new layer (copy – CTRL +C, insert – CTRL +V). Apply for him the blending mode on Lightening (Screen).

Now we will draw the eight. Take the tool Ellipse (U) (Ellipse) and draw a pink oval that extends slightly horizontally. Copy it (CTRL +J) and lower down the first to get a figure eight.

Now take the tool Oval area (M) (Elliptical marquee) we will make holes at the eight. Make a selection in the form of a circle and click Delete, lower the selection below and click again Delete. This is what should happen:

And now we will decorate our eight. Open the flower.

Separate it in any way from the background (I used the mode Quick masks(Q)), copy and paste into the document with the card.

To make the figure eight completely floral, copy, mirror and rotate (CTRL +T) flowers and place them around the contour of the figure eight. After the flowers are in place, the layer with the contour of the eight can be removed. All layers with colors combine into one (CTRL +E).

Now open the picture with some gift. I used this:

The very basket with roses and a nearby heart are separated from the background in any way and inserted into a document with a postcard. Place it in the bottom left corner of the postcard.

Open the picture with a bouquet of tulips. Similarly, separate it from the background and copy it into a document with a postcard.

When the bouquet layer is in the document with the card, click CTRL +T, “Flip horizontally” and turn a little. Place in the lower right corner. Wipe a small part of the bouquet with a soft brush eraser to make it beautiful.

Now take the Glare brush. Set the following scattering parameters:

On a new layer with a brush, make highlights. Make the opacity for this layer 65%

Now take the Brush Ornament. Also on the new layer in the upper left and lower right corner, apply a brush. Blend layers change to Soft light (Soft light).

Let’s start writing the text. Install some beautiful handwritten font, take the tool Horizontal text(T), write the words “Happy Holidays!” (Or any other greeting).
I used Vera Crouz font. With help CTRL +T slightly turn the inscription.

Now we will make the font more beautiful. Go to the Layer Style and set the following parameters:
Gradient overlay (Gradient overlay):

Stroke (Stroke):

External glow (Outer glow):

Shadow (Drop Shadow):

Also apply a shadow for the flower eight layer:

This is what should happen:

Our card is almost ready. For beauty, you can add a highlight. To do this, go to: Filter – Rendering – Blick (Filter – Rendering – Lens flare).

Merge all layers.

That’s all! Our greeting card is ready!

I think that this card will appeal to any girl.
Good luck!

Lesson author: Julia Lyubimova

Link to the source of the lesson

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