Preparing a card for friends in Photoshop

Here is one of the many tutorials on how to make a beautiful New Year card for your best friends and relatives. I hope they will be delighted to receive a card like this one.
So, let’s begin!

First, create New document by size 800 by 500 pixels. Then choose some suitable colors, for example color # 449224, #bfivef716 and apply Radial Gradient (Radial Gradient) with a smooth transition, as in the picture below.

After that, the author proposes to add to the background Arbitrary Figure (Custom Shape Tool) from the standard Photoshop shape gallery. Look at the picture below:

Place the shape on your canvas as shown below, then set the transparency for this layer to 70%.

Now we will do a little emphasis in the center of the postcard. To do this, create New Layer(Shift+Ctrl+N), select Oval area tool (Еlliptical Мarquee Тоол) and create a circular selection like in the picture below and fill it with color #d7ff00.

Deselect with command Selection – Deselect Selection (Select-Deselect), or keyboard shortcut Ctrl+D and apply Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur (Filter-Blur-Gaussian Blur) with a value of 30.

Well, now we got this effect:

It’s time to add numbers. Select Horizontal Text tool (Horizontal Type Tool) and set foreground color #c32b01. Write the number 2 using the font Avantgarde.

Rasterize the text layer Layer – Rasterize – Text (Layer-Rasterize-Type) and apply Editing – Free Transformation (Edit-Transform-Free Transform) or Ctrl+T, to shift the digit. Then apply Editing – Transformation – Distortion (Edit-Transform-Distort) and give the figure in the same projection as in the picture below:

Duplicate the layer by clicking Ctrl+J, slide the bottom layer down a bit and to the right.

Now use Polygonal Lasso tool (Polygonal Lasso Tool) to connect the top of the figure with its projection. After that, fill the selected area with color #c32b01.

In the style of the layer apply “Overlay Color” to this layer.

Create a new layer above and merge with the previous one to get all the effects on one layer.

Now we begin to create volume on the figure. Take Polygonal Lasso tool (Polygonal Lasso Tool) and create a selection like in the image below. Then use Dimmer tool (Burn Tool) – brush set 150 pixels., Range – shadows, exposure 20%.

Change “Clarifier” (Dodge Too) on Dimmer tool (Burn Tool) – set the brush 150 pixels., The range – the light, the exposure – 50%. Add some bright highlights to the selected area.

Now create another selection and use on it. Dimmer Tools and “Brightener”, to achieve the same effect as last time. Process all sides of the number.

Remove selection – Ctrl+D, move to the layer above and use Tool“Clarifier” (Burn Tool) set the brush to 150 pixels, the range is the shadows, the exposure is 20% to add a small gradient to the top layer.

And one last thing we need to add flare to the number. We use Selection – Load Selection (Select-Load Selection), the selection of the current layer appears, then click Alt+Shift and cut off the unnecessary part with Tool “Oval Area” (Elliptical Marquee Tool). Apply to the allocated area Linear Gradient from white to transparent.

Remove selection by clicking Ctrl+D, and merge all the layers related to the first digit. Then apply to the new layer Ctil CLoy – “Outer Glow”.

See now the difference?

Now add the rest of the numbers, repeating all the steps. The author suggests using different colors for each digit.

Then reduce the numbers slightly with Editing – Free Transform (Edit-Free Transform).

Well, we are satisfied with the numbers. Let’s go to the next step. Select Tool“Horizontal Text” (Horizontal Type Tool) and write the text in white at the bottom of the canvas, as in the picture below. The author used the font Annabelle.

Apply to this layer Layer Style – “Gradient Overlay” (Gradient Overlay).

Duplicate this layer by clicking Ctrl+J, and move the lower copy two pixels down. After that we apply Layer Style – “Outer Glow”.

At the end of this tutorial, the author suggests adding some decorative elements. He liked these balls. Open the picture and copy them to the main canvas.

Well, your gorgeous postcard is ready!

I hope your friends and relatives will be happy to receive a postcard, like this one !!!

Translation: Suhodol Oksana.
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