Purple Valentines

Getting ready for Valentine’s Day!

If you are in love, but are afraid to tell the person about it, then it is best to give him or her a card that will say everything for you.

In this Photoshop tutorial we will create a bright card in purple tones. Violet is usually associated with aristocracy, grandeur, romance and spirituality. Therefore, if for a card for Valentine’s Day, select this color, go to the very point! Although nobody insists on purple :)

Create a new document.

Set the colors in the palette to black and purple.

Go to menu Filter – Rendering – Clouds (Render >> Difference Clouds)

Grab the Pen Tool in contour mode .

Create a new layer. Select the brush tool , set the white color, feather edges. Switch back to Pen, right click on the contour – select the command Circle Outline (Stroke Path)

Select a brush and check the box next to “Simulate Pressure”.

Double-click on the layer to open the Add Styles window. Add an “Outer Glow” style with the same settings:

In the same way, draw the second half of the heart.

Select two layers with the Shift key. Click Ctrl + T.
Right click – select command Distortion (distort).
Tilt the upper right corner down a bit.

Using the same technique, create another heart, only the diameter for the brush, choose thinner.

Add a pink glow to the second heart.
Don’t forget about the Noise parameter, it will give a diffused light effect.

Highlight and merge (Ctrl + Ea) all the layers that relate to the heart. Duplicate, reduce and place as shown below. Using an eraser, remove a portion of the heart at the intersection so that you can see that they are held together.
Drain both hearts and duplicate several times, reduce, rotate, place over the entire image as shown.

Duplicate large hearts again, increase in size, expand and place as in the figure. Change the blending mode to Glow (Luminosity) and transparency 20%.

Create a new layer. Choose some fluffy tassel. If necessary, press F5 to open the brush palette and set the parameters you need.

Brush shape, scatter, rotate, etc.

Choose white as your primary color. Draw several lines as shown:

Apply the following style to the tassel layer:

If you are not lazy and have done this lesson to the end, then you should get this way or even better.

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