Quicktime logo

Create a new document size 281 x 168
Then download the form “Quicktime”. In the package you will find two figures needed for this lesson. If you do not know how to load the figures, then read here.

After installing shapes through the Free Arrow tool find the “Quicktime Logo” form.

Draw also as shown below. Name this layer “quicktime.”

Double-click on the “Quicktime” layer to open the “Layer Style” window. Select and add styles:

“Inner Shadow”


“Overlay color”

And here is the result:

And again, in the established forms, select the figure called “Quicktime Logo hand” (in the form of an arrow from the clock).

Draw a shape and name the layer “hand” (hand).

Add the same styles, but with different settings:

So, this is what you should get:

Next, draw a circle shape () and the shape of the rectangle () as shown below. After the rectangle has already been drawn, click Ctrl + T (free transform) and position the shape as shown.

And again, the Ellipse tool will be used, with which you will draw a black oval under the logo layer.

Then apply the filter “Filter “-” Blur “-” Gaussian Blur“(Gaussian Blur) with radius 1.5 and click OK. Decrease the parameter Fill (fill) to 40%.

Done! I’m sure you did it!

See you at www.https://photobecket.com!

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