Romantic card

Images used:

Step 1. Create a new document in Photoshop 1600 x 1800px
Apply ColorOverlay (Overlay color) and GradientOverlay (Gradient overlay) to the first layer.
Use the following settings.

Step 2. Paste the bokeh texture, apply blendingmode (blending mode) SoftLight (Soft light).

Step 3. Insert the image “Heart”.
Make it brighter. Go to menu Image > Adjustments > Levels (Image> Correction> Levels).

You should get something like this:

Apply to the created layerblendingmode (blending mode) Multiply (Multiplication).

Step 4. Insert image with liquid.
Download a selection of the heart.
Go to menu:
Select > Modify > Contract (tenpx) (Allocation – Modification – Compress);
Select> Inverse Selection (Selection – Invert selection).
Cut the selected area.

Apply to the liquid layer. ColorOverlay (Overlay color) and GradientOverlay (Gradient overlay).

Step 5. Re-insert the image of the heart.
Play with the settings levels (levels) and make the heart very dark, but with a few white spots.

Place this layer above the liquid layer, apply the effect blendingmode (blending mode) Screen (Lightening).

Step 6. Upload the heart selection, contract (squeeze) its at 10px.
Create a new layer, fill the selected area on the new layer with any color, Fill (Fill) = 0%.
Go to effect LayerStyle (Layer style).

Apply effect Inner Shadow (Inner Shadow) just like in the image below:

Step 7. Insert an image with a spray of water.
Make them black and white. Image> Adjustments> Black White (Image – Correction – Black and White).
Apply Auto Contrast.

Add a layer mask (layer mask) to this layer.
Erase some areas using a soft round brush.

Duplicate the water layer.
Make it darker, just like the previous glass heart example.

Apply blendingmode (blending mode) Screen (Lightening) to the created dark image.

Step 8. Duplicate all the layers with the heart.
Merge (Drain) their.
Apply the transformation FlipVertical (Flip Vertically). Edit > Transform > FlipVertical (Editing – Transformation – Flip Vertically).
Move this layer down.
Apply BlendingMode (Blend Mode) SoftLight (Soft light) and Opacity (Opacity) 75%.

Switch to Filter > Distort > Wave (Filter> Offset> Wave).

Apply the following settings.

Add a layer mask (layer mask) to layer with reflection.
Fill it with a linear black and white gradient in the same way as shown in the screenshot.

Step 9. Insert an image with a drop.
Apply to it Blending Mode (Overlay).

Duplicate the layer, make it darker and apply to it. Blending Mode (Blending Mode) Screen (Lightening).

Draw a bright spot.

Step 10. Insert another image with water splashes.

Separate the bottom from the background. Use layer mask (layer mask) and round brush.

Cut the top of the water spray and place it on a new layer.
Select Blending Mode (Mix Mode) Overlay (Overlap) for the bottom of the drops.

Apply Warp (Warp) to the top, it should repeat the shape of the glass heart.

Cut patches of heart shape from splashing water.

Duplicate the water layer, darken it and set Blending Mode (Mix Mode) Screen (Lightening).

Step 11. For text, you can use the Edwardian Script font.
Apply to text layer set Blending Mode (Mix Mode) SoftLight (Soft light).

Duplicate (Duplicate) central word.

Apply LayerStyle (Layer style) as shown in the screenshot below:

Merge (Drain) all layers

Go to menu Filter > Distort > LensesCorrection (Filter – Offset – Distortion Correction).
Apply the parameter Vignette (Vignette) Darken (Darker).

Transfer: Antsyperovich Alexandra
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