Romantic february

In this lesson you are offered an interesting version of romantic wallpapers.

Materials for the lesson:

First, create a file of size 1920x1200 px, by permission 72 px / cm.

Next, double-click to call “Layer style“- select blending options -“Gradient overlay“. Set the same parameters as you see below:

Gradient setting:

Next, use a brush called 34_Oranments_Flower_brushes_by_bocman1

Using installed brushes, try to come up with your own ornament, for example, like the following:

Choose in Blending Options – Gradient Overlay (Layer overlay options — Gradient overlay), shown in the table below:

Gradient setting:

Here is what you should have at the moment:

Using the “Pen(Pen Tool (P)), you can draw a heart, which you then place on the right side of the image:

Set the following parameters Blending Options – Drop Shadow (Overlay settings – Shadow):

Blending Options – Gradient Overlay (Blending options — Gradient overlay):

Gradient Settings:

It turned out such a beautiful heart:

Now we will make another item using Pen Tool

((P) Pero)

Set the parameters you see in the following table:
Blending Options – Gradient Overlay (Blending Options — Gradient Overlay)

Gradient Settings:

The same tool can make several highlights on the surface of the heart.

Then take (LineTool (U)) line size 2 px. to draw a vertical line

Set the following parameters for the drawn element. Blending Options – Gradient Overlay (Blending Options — Gradient Overlay)

Gradient setting:

The line now looks like an arrow.

Copy the heart and resize it with the option EditFree Transform(Editing – Free Transform).

Now we will click on the layer with the first heart and make many copies of it, which will be arbitrarily located on your picture.

Fill some big hearts with color #E04549

The next step is typing:

Apply the following parameters from the table to your text:

Install Blending Options – Gradient Overlay (Overlay Settings – Overlay gradient)

Gradient adjustment:

Blending Options – Stroke (OptionsoverlayStroke)

Make a copy of the image and place it under the original. Then use the following filter Filter – Blur – Gaussian blur (Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur) and set the following parameters for the last example:

To turn our image into a romantic calendar, we take Horizontal type tool ((T) Horizontal text) and add the month and date


Beautiful, isn’t it?

Transfer: Saprykina Vitaly
Link to the source of the lesson

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