Romantic wallpaper

In this lesson I will tell and show you how to create a surprise picture. You can make it for your second half and put it on her desktop or just send it. The occasion can be Valentine’s Day or a birthday.

For this work you will need:

Let’s start.
Create a new document. Size as your desktop (I have 1280 by 1024).
Create a new layer and fill it with burgundy (ca302e) color.

Insert Pattern (with hearts)
Editing – Transform – Flip Horizontally.
Editing – Free Transform. Holding Shift customize size.
Place the pattern on the left.

When stretching the pattern appeared ugly noises. Remove this will help Filter – Blur – Blur on the surface. Radius 10, Threshold 10.

Add this layer layer mask .
Tool Gradient, linear, color black. Draw it from the right end of the pattern to the beginning of the lines to make a soft transition.

Paste the texture with sparkles.
Editing – Free Transform. Stretch the entire canvas (do not forget to hold down the Shift!).
Use Filter – Blur – Blur on the surface, to remove the noise.
Put the overlay mode on Light replacement. The opacity of the layer is 70%.

Insert texture with fractals.
Editing – Free Transform. Customize size.
Apply Blur on the surface.
Blend mode Soft light.

Let’s start the photo.
Insert a photo, reduce it with Free transform.
To duplicate: Editing – Correction – Discolor; Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur, radius of about 3; Blend mode Soft light (or you can overlap).

Angel certainly need wings.
Separate the wing from the white background. This is best done with the “Overlay If” lesson.

Add a layer mask and clean the wing from the shoulder with a black brush with a 50% Brutality.

Duplicate the wing layer.
For the bottom layer:
Remove layer mask.
Editing – Free Transform. Reduce the size a bit and move it up.
Editing – Correction – Levels. Make the wing a little darker

Holding Alt, drag and drop layer mask top wing on the bottom wing layer (so you just copied and pasted it).

Since this is your second half, we will make it so literally.
Create a new layer and draw a heart (Arbitrary shape ).
Set the layer opacity to 50%.
Editing – Free Transform. Adjust the size and position of the heart, then to cut it.

Tool Polygonal Lasso create this selection here.

Click Delete, to clear an unnecessary part of the heart.
Combine four layers: two with a girl and two with wings.
Holding Ctrl, Click on the heart layer to load the selection.
Selection – Inversion.
Click Delete on a layer with a girl and wings.
Remove the black heart layer, it is no longer needed.

For the resulting halves, add a layer style. External glow.

Add bright colors.
Separate them from the background. (The “Overlay If” lesson, which I have already recommended above) will help a lot.
I placed the orange flower on the background, and yellow and pink twice inserted it to the half of the heart.

It remains to add a greeting. I used the Angelica font.

To make the inscription stand out, add a shadow

That’s all!

I look forward to your options!

Lesson author: Potapova Irina.

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