In this lesson I will tell you how easy and simple it is to create a very beautiful and realistic landscape with the sea.

To begin, create a new document (File -> New or File -> New) size 450×350 px. Set the dark blue color (# 146fe0) both primary and light blue (# 0fe0ff) as background.

Apply Filter -> Render -> Clouds (Filter -> Rendering -> Clouds) and this is what should happen:

Create a new layer. Fill it with white.

Now set the foreground color to white and light blue. (# acc6f0) for the background of this layer.

Apply Filter -> Render> Fibers (Filter -> Rendering -> Fibers) and set the following parameters: Strength (Deviation) =26, BlendingMode (Intensity) = 13. Set on a layer of fibers Blend Options -> Color Dodge (Lightening basics). Merge both layers by pressing Ctrl + E.

Now we have to make the vertical fibers horizontal. For this Edit -> Transform -> Rotate 90CW (Edit -> Transform -> Rotate 90 degrees clockwise).

Turned, now we stretch them on the whole canvas:
Edit -> Transform -> Scale (Edit -> Transform -> Scale). Stretch and get:

Go in Image-> Adjustment-> Hue / Saturation (Image -> Correction -> Hue / Saturation), set the following parameters in the opened window:
Hue (Color tone) = 194,
Saturation = 100,
Lightness = +12.

Do not forget to put a tick next to Toning.

Next we will make waves, for this we apply Filter -> Brush Strokes -> Spatter (Filter -> Strokes -> Spraying),
Spray Radius = 13,
Smoothness = 14.

Create a new layer on which we will make the sky. Set the light blue color (# b1daf2) both basic and light green (# daf4f8) as background.

Apply Filter -> Render -> Clouds(Filter -> Rendering -> Clouds).

Layer with the sea must be placed above the layer with the sky.
Take the Eraser, set a soft brush size 45 px and erase the top of the sea.

Go to the layer with the sky. We will draw the sun.
The sun we will do with the help of flare, Filter -> Render -> Lens Flare (Filter -> Rendering -> Glare), set the following settings: Brightness = 100%,
Lens Type (Zoom) = 50-300 mm.
Apply the filter several times (Ctrl + F).
Merge the flare layers (Ctrl + E).

Now it remains to do only sandy beach. Let’s create a sand texture. Copy the layer. Set the light yellow color (# f5ecb3) for foreground and dark yellow (# efd1ad) for background.

Apply Filter-> Render-> Clouds (Filter -> Rendering -> Clouds). Then apply Filter-> Noise-> Addnoise (Filter -> Noise -> Add Noise) under the following conditions:
Amount (number) = 6.86%,
Distribution (Distribution) -> Gaussian.
Check the box next to Monochrome.

The texture of the sand is ready. Now let’s move on to the layer with the sea. Choose a tool Eraser (E) and erase the bottom of the picture. Well, our seascape is ready.

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