Silk Copper Background

Learn to draw a copper-colored silk background.

In this photoshop tutorial, when making a silk background of copper color, we will learn how to use the subtraction principle when selecting shapes, create an oval volumetric gray frame, and also look at the brush called Сrosshatch 48.

1. First open a new document.
Menu – File – new – A new document will appear.
Set width = 300 px, height = 300 px and resolution = 96.012 pixel / inch.

2. Now create a NEW layer. and select tool Elliptical marquee, now select option Substact from selection – shown in the screenshot in red.

After that, draw an oval shape, and in it another one to make it look like the picture above.

3. Now select a color # 88A6A6 and fill the selected area, you can press the key combination Alt + backspace or use the tool . After unselect Ctrl + D.

4. Now double click on Layer1 – a window will appear Style – select Satin – set the values
Opacity-50 / angle-19 / distance-11 / size-13.

5. Now select Bevel and Emboss
Set the Depth-181 / size-5 / soften-5 settings.

6. Now the image will look like this:

7. Create a NEW layer. (Layer2).

8. With a tool Elliptical marquee create a new ellipse and fill with color # F85707, then deselect.

9. Now move it with the mouse on the panel Layers
Layer1 layer above Layer2 layer – as shown in the picture.

10. Now the image will look like this:

11. Now double click on the layer Layer2 call the panel Layer style, choose Pattern overlay as shown in the screenshot.
Set opacity =100%, scale = 234% and ok

12. Now click on Layer2 holding the key Ctrl to make a selection. Create a NEW layer Layer3.

13. Fill the selection on the new layer with the same color and reduce the parameter. Opacity=59% as it shown on the picture.

14. Now the picture will look like this.

15. Double click on the layer Layer1 to trigger the Layer Styles palette Layer style or just press the button at the bottom of the palette Layers
Select Drop shadow
Opacity- 75 / Distance-6 / size-2 + OK.

16. Here is the result of the action:

17. Now using the tool Type tool write some word.

18. Set the text layer to a small volume: + Bevel and Emboss Parameters Depth-100 / size- 5.

19. Now select Drop shadow with the
Opacity-75 / Distance – 5 / size-5.

20. Now Stroke with the stroke
size = 1, white

21. Our picture this time looks like this:

22. In the next step, we need to select a brush, then in the settings panel, click the arrow at number 1, and then click on the arrow at number 2.

23. In the window that opens, select Assorted brushes.

24. Select a brush called Crosshatch48 Brush which is marked on the screenshot with a red circle.

25. Set the brush size to 80 px and place one asterisk as shown below.

26. The final silk result! Just shine!

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