In this Photoshop tutorial, you will learn how to make a stamp effect.

Create a new document, for example 250×150.

Now set the colors in this order: the main one is red, the background color is black.

Take the tool and write your text. Use bold font, for example Arial black, the size 50px.

Now go to menu Layer-> Rasterize-> Type (Layer – Rasterize – Text), after that you will not be able to edit the text.
Take tool – rectangular selection
And make a selection around the text ….

Go to menu Edit-> Stroke (Editing – Add Stroke)
Set the same values:

Deselect CTRL + D

Apply the filter:
Filter-> Brush Stroke-> Spatter (Filter – Strokes – Spraying).
Radius: 17
Mitigation: five
These settings you can set on your own!

Go to menu Select-> Color range (Selection – color range), pipette click on the black color on the stamp.

As soon as you do this, all the black specks immediately stand out.

Who guessed about the last action, that fellow!
And who is not, then click DELETE!

See you at www.!

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