Stylish logo

In this lesson you will see how using Photoshop you can make a stylish logo for the company.

Put the main the black color and draw in shape mode circle ellipse tool .

Add such effects to this circle.

After all the actions you have done, you should have this effect:

And now using the Pen Tool draw this way:

Install the guides as shown in the picture:

Click Ctrl + Enter, create a new layer and fill the contents with black.

Add the following effects to the resulting form:

Here is a drawing after adding styles:

Duplicate the triangle layer 3 times (Layer – Duplicate Layer)
and place the triangles around the circle.

Now draw this little circle with

That should make a ball

Duplicate the ball several times and place it as shown in the picture:

The last thing left is to add your company logo and a stylish logo is ready!

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