Summer freshness

In this tutorial, we will learn how to create desktop wallpapers.

Materials for the lesson:

Let’s start by creating a new document. File – New (File – New), 1024×768 pix and 72 ppi / inch
Then select the tool Rectangle Tool (U) (Tool “Rectangle”) and drag the background of the image that we need to get, thereby creating a new layer.

Use the parameters shown below for the newly created layer. Blending Options – Gradient Overlay (Blend Mode – Overlay Gradient)

Gradient Settings:

Download Scratch Brushes for Adobe Photoshop. Next, create a new layer and using Brush Tool (B)(Tool “Brush”) and new brushes “scratch” the image.

Layer Parameters: Fill (Fill) 37%
Blending Options – Vivid Light (Blend Mode – Bright Light)

On the next new layer we use the same brushes. (rons__scratches (large)). This time the color is white.

Layer Parameters: Fill (Fill) 7%
Blending Options – Lighter Color (Blend Mode – Colors are lighter)

Now again create a new layer and apply the following filter. Filter – Render – Clouds (Filter – Rendering – Clouds)

For the same layer, apply a different filter. Filter – Stylize – Find Edges (Filter – Stylization – Selection of edges)

Click Image – Adjustment – Auto Levels (Image – Correction – Automatic tone correction)

…and one more filter Filter – Filter Gallery – Sketch – Plaster (Filter – Filter Gallery – Sketch – Gypsum)

Choose a tool Magic wand tool (W) and make a mouse click between the resulting bubbles on a white background, that is, we get the selection of the background. To invert, press the key combination. Ctrl + Shift + I. In the color picker, select black and click Alt + backspace to fill the bubbles with black.

Again, to invert the selection, press Ctrl + Shift + I and after button Delete.

For this layer, use the following Layer Style settings: Blending mode – Screen (Blend Mode – Brightening)
Blending Options – Drop Shadow (Overlay settings – Shadow)

Blending Options – Bevel and Emboss (Overlay options – Emboss)

Write the word, and apply the following settings to it in the Symbol window:

Layer Options: Blending Options – Drop Shadow (Overlay settings – Shadow)

Blending Options – Bevel and Emboss (Overlay options – Emboss)

Blending Options – Stroke (Overlay Options – Stroke)

Our final result!

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