In this Photoshop tutorial, you will learn how to create colorful summer wallpapers for your desktop.

Materials for the lesson:


First create a new file size 1024×768 px and resolution 72 dpi.
Take the Rectangle tool and drag it to the whole document.
Select now Layer Style> Gradient Overlay (click on the layer with which we work in the layers palette) and set the following parameters:

Gradient Editor:

We should get the following image:

Then we have to choose pen , to present the primary plan of the hills.

Then create a background by placing it under the first layer. Color used in this case * 5b5a00

Select the following marked options Layer Style> Outer Glow:

Layer Style – Inner Glow:

We should get the following result. So we present the incident light on the hills.

Let us draw a couple more knolls:

Choose this style for the last layer: Layer Style> Outer Glow:

Layer Style – Inner Glow:

This time we get the following picture:

The same parameters will be applied to the right knoll.

Then we choose tool and draw a smooth circle – it will be the sun. Place a layer with the sun under the hills.

Apply Layer Style> External glow as below:

Then we will draw the rays of the sun, choose feather again , we place a layer with rays under the sun.

Fill / fill 0% for each ray.

Layer Style – Gradient overlay
The angle can be changed, depending on the direction of the beam from the central part to the top.

At this stage we get the following picture:

The same action must be done with the rest of the rays.

Create a new layer (Ctrl + Shift + N) and download these grass brushes.

Choose a black brush to paint flowers and grass, combining and alternating the pattern of plants.

Now download the Brush Trees. From the following table, select a tree marked with a red frame:

Draw a tree on the new layer in black.

Create a new layer, download Birds brushes.

Place the birds in the same way as in the image below:

Then open the picture with giraffes.

Separate them from the background using the Eraser.

Place the animals on our picture.

Next Layer Style> Color overlay (Blending Options> Color Overlay)

After that we have to get black silhouettes of animals.

Hide for some time the layers containing patterns from brushes. Press combination Ctrl + Shift + E for these layers to merge them into one.

Select now Filter> Rendering> Blick (Filter – Render – Lens Flare) from the main menu and put a small cross on the central part of the sun, set the following parameters:

Now merge all the layers (Shift + Ctrl + E).

Wallpapers are ready!

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