Tattered edge

Do you know how to realistically draw the ragged edge of the paper? If not, read this simple Photoshop tutorial.

Create a new document. Take the Lasso , Freehand draw the edge of the paper and loop around the bottom of the document.

Choose a color for the paper, take , Create a new layer and fill the selection.

Return the Lasso, right-click on the selection, select the command Form a work path (Make Work Path). Set tolerance value to 1px.

Select the brush tool of the following type, adjust the size depending on the size of your document.

Press F5 – the brush editing window will appear.

Go to parameter Form Dynamics (Shape Dynamics) and set the same parameters as in the image.

Grab the Pen Tool , right click on the contour and select the command Outline the contour (Stroke Path).

Make sure that a brush is selected in the window that appears, and the option Simulate pressure (Simulate Pressure) has been disabled.

Repeat the stroke if necessary to achieve a realistic effect.

As you probably know, paper is made of several layers, especially if it is colored cardboard. And if to tear off a piece of such cardboard, then you will see that it will stratify in the place of a rush.

To create this effect, create another selection using Lasso. On a new layer (you need to place this layer below red) fill the selection with a lighter shade.

Turn the selection into a contour again.

Brush settings should be saved, the desired color is in the palette – you can trace the outline.

We just made the main part of the effect.

Not very similar yet. After all, it does not happen that the detached part was just a single color. For more reality, you need to add texture.

Download the paper texture here.

Move the paper into the document. Discolor it, go to the menu Image – Correction – Discolor (Image> Adjustments> Desaturate).

Change blending mode to Multiplication (Multiply)

The texture is very dense. Defuse the situation, apply the command Brightness and Contrast (Image> Adjustments> Brightness / Contrast).

The paper layer has an interesting texture: bends, folds. Move the layer to leave the most embossed part on the image.

Select the light layer, Ctrl + click on the layer icon in the Layers palette.
Invert selection – Shift + Ctrl + I, go to the paper layer and click Delete.

Merge all layers (Shift + Ctrl + E) and add another paper sheet in the background.

See how cool shaggy edges and paper texture create the illusion of a real tattered paper edge.

Here’s how this effect looks in action:

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