Texture from photo

In this Photoshop tutorial we will make a texture from a photo, and then cover the photo with this texture. Sounds confusing? Now you will understand everything!

Making a texture.

Open the photo in Photoshop. Your image is now color.
Go to menu Image> Duplicate (Image – Duplicate). Click OK.
On the copy, go back to the menu Image and select there Mode> Grayscale (Mode – Grayscale).

Create a new adjustment layer (click on the button at the bottom of the layers palette) and select Levels (Levels). Apply the same settings:

Now add a new adjustment layer. Threshold (Isohelium). Set the following settings:

Further Image> Duplicate. Click Ctrl + Shift + E to drain the layers. Apply filter Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur (Gaussian blur). Set the settings and click OK.

Navigate Image> Image Size (Image – Image size). Set the same settings.

Select Edit> Define Pattern (Editing – Define texture). Name the texture “hands” and click OK. Close the file from which you made the texture, it will no longer be useful to you.

Return to the copy of the file. Move the box Threshold layer 1 and cor. layer levels 1 to cart.
Select Image> Adjustments> Curves (Image – Correction – Curves). Try to draw the same curve and click OK.

Navigate Image> Mode> Bitmap (Image – Mode – Bit format). In the dialog box, select Custom pattern (Customized pattern) and find your hand texture there. Click OK.

Select Image> Mode> Grayscale (Grayscale). Click OK.

Next, apply the mode Image> Mode> CMYK Color.

Return to the original image. Click Ctrl + A, then Ctrl + C.

Return to the copy. Click Ctrl + V
Change the blending mode of the top (color) layer to Hard light (Hard light). Drag this layer to the button , to duplicate it. Next, change the blending mode to Lighten (Replacing light).

Done! Look at how the texture from the photo looks on the same photo.

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