Unassailable rocks

In this Photoshop tutorial, create a realistic rock surface.

1- Open a new document. The size 400×400 px
resolution = 96

2- Press the “D” key and go to the menu Filter> Render> Diffrence Clouds (Filter – Rendering – Clouds with overlay)

Then click Ctrl + F as many times as it will turn out the same as in the figure below:

3 – Go to the palette Channel (Channels) and create a new channel

4 – Now here apply the “Clouds with overlay” filter

5 – Then apply the filter Filter> Render> Lighting Effects (Filter – Rendering – Lighting Effects)
with these settings

Type – a ray of light

6 – Click Ctrl + U so that the window appears Hue / Saturation
set the following settings:

Color =36
Saturation =33
Brightness =-6

7 – Finished image:

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