Valentine card

The long-awaited Valentine’s Day is coming. For almost all of us, this is an important holiday. So I decided to write a lesson on creating a wonderful Valentine in Photoshop.

Ready? Then let’s get started! First, create a new document and fill it with black.

Now add beautiful flowers to the background. You can use my or any other pattern. Load it in Photoshop and, using Magneti Lasso Tool (Magnetic lasso) (L), select the flower with the butterfly.

Key combination CTRL + C, Copy the selected area, then go back to the main document and, with the keyboard shortcut CTRL + V, paste the copied area. Arrange it as in the figure below.

Duplicate the flower layer (CTRL + J) and hide the copy by clicking the eye on the layers panel. Activate the original flower layer and lower opacity (opacity) to 20 %. Now create a new layer and fill the orange-pink gradient using the colors numbered.ff5860 andf6e69e. Change Blending mode (Blend mode) of this layer on Screen (Lightening).

Go back to the hidden layer and make it visible again. Then slide (V) the flowers a little to one side to make the following.

Next we will apply layer styles (layer style). Double click on the copy of the layer with flowers. Set the following settings for Drop shadow (Shadow) and Outer glow (External glow).

See how the drawing has changed?

Duplicate the same layer (CTRL + J) and move to another corner.

Go to the next step. Add a heart to the background, because it is still Valentine’s Day. To do this, create a special brush.

Create a new document size 50x50px with a transparent background. Activate the tool Custom shape tool (Arbitrary shape) (U) and choose a shape in the form of hearts. At this stage, the color does not matter.

Then go Edit – Define Brush Preset (Edit – Define a brush) and save this shape as a brush. Now we have a finished brush in the form of hearts. Open brush options Window – Brushes (Windows – Brushes) and set the following settings.

Having finished with the parameters, we begin to paint on a new layer with a white brush.

Next step. Merge all layers into one key combination CTRL + SHIFT + E. Duplicate new layer CTRL + J and apply Filter – Distort – Ocean Ripple (Filter – Distortion – Ocean Waves).

Blending mode (Overlay mode) set to Soft light (Soft light) with opacity (opacity) around 60%.

Now it’s time to write a greeting text. Activate the tool Horizontal type tool (Horizontal text) (T) and write the wish. On my valentine, I decided to write a small poem about love. I chose the text color #5b2a0c, font – Garamond Premier Pro.

Looks awesome, isn’t it? Once again merge all layers. CTRL + SHIFT + E apply Filter – Texture – Texturizer (Filter – Texture – Texturizer) with the following parameters.

And finally, the final result.

It’s all! Good luck.

Translator: Maxim Enin
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