Valentine heart

Look do not fall in love with this photoshop lesson, because we will draw a valentine heart.

Select a heart shape from the shape collection.

Set the color to dark red # bb2525 and draw a heart.

Now right click on the layer with the heart and select there “Blending options…”. Let us direct the beauty of the heart.

Choose styleDrop shadow“- cast a shadow.
Set the following settings:

Don’t click OK yet.

Now select “Inner shadow“- inner shadow

Outer glow” – external glow

“Inner Glow” – internal glow

Gradient overlay“- gradient fill

Here are the colors for the gradient:

“Pattern Overlay“- add texture” Silk “

Now you can click “Ok“.

This is what you should get:

But this heart is not like a lover.

It is necessary that it was pierced by an arrow, and preferably two. Like this!

See you at www.!

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