Vector Wallpaper

In this tutorial we will draw fantastic wallpaper in vector style.

Materials for the lesson:

To begin, open a new document.

Fill the background with green.

Tool “Polygonal Lasso”(Polygonal lasso) draw a few rays, and fill them with a bit lighter color.

Deselect (Ctrl + D) and instrument “Elliptical selection”(Elliptical marquee) highlight the area as shown below and fill it with a dark green color.

Take the tool “Brush”(Brush) to paint the grass. First draw a brush with a smaller diameter, then take a larger one, use the same color with which the oval area was filled.

Now add a tree. Brushes with a tree can be taken in the archive.

Choose a tool “Pen”(Pen) to draw a rainbow. On the new layer, first draw a base, then add strips of desired colors.

Now reduce the transparency of the rainbow to 60%.

Add some vector decorations. (brushes you can find on our website)

Tool “Line” (Line) draw several vertical lines on top. Using standard forms of “hang” jewelry on these threads.

Draw the stars. Brushes are in the archive to the lesson.

Open the sky image in the new window.

Select it with the Tool. “Rectangular Selection”(Rectangular marquee) and copy to a new layer. Move this layer to our drawing, adjust it in size (Ctrl + T) and discolor (Ctrl + Shift + U).

Change the blending mode to overlap (Overlay). Here is the result!

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