Vintage trick

In this lesson we will learn how to create vintage wallpapers.
For this tutorial, I used an image of an old truck.

Materials for the lesson:

Step 1. To begin, separate the background from the truck, in any way known to you, while being careful, carefully remove the background, as in the future we will use effects. Remember that you can use a vector mask! In the future, you can edit the deleted sites. Remember how to use the mask here.
After removing the truck you should be like this:

Step 2. Duplicate the layer with the truck, drag the layer to the “Create a new layer” icon.

Select the copied layer. Next, apply the filter “Smart” blur to highlight the lines. Filter – Blur – Smart Blur (Filter – Blur – Smart Blur). Quality – High, Mode – Edges only.

Step 3. Next invert the colors: Image – Adjustments – Invert (Image – Correction – Inversion). That is, you should now see the black lines on the white truck.
Apply Gaussian Blur for the lines: Filter – Blur – Gaussian blur (Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur).

Change the Blend Mode to Multiply. This lesson will remind you how to do it.
You should, at this stage, look like this:

Step 4. Adjust the colors to give a vintage effect using Curves: Layers – New Adjustment Layer – Curves (Layers – New adjustment layer – Curves).

Step 5. Now, add the rest of the vintage style. Drag the truck and unroll it at your discretion.

Create a group into which you move the layers with the truck (Ctrl + G). Create a new layer under the group with the truck. And add a spray brush as you like. Brushes are in the archive.
To cover up the drawbacks of extracting the truck from the background, you can make a few splashes on top of the truck.

Now apply any paper texture that you have on top of all layers.


Transfer: John jackson
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