Wallpaper for the film

First of all, create a new document, sized 1900? 1200 pixels, and fill the canvas with black color.

After that we have to write the name of the film on the yellow tape. To do this, let’s create a new layer, and then use the tool “Rectangular Selection” Rectangular Marquee Tooll draw a rectangle and fill it with yellow color (# fff600).

Then remove the selection from this tape (Ctrl + D). In the next step, we need to add the appropriate texture to create a grunge background on a yellow ribbon. You can use Google to search for images, or you can use my texture. Paste the texture into our document and copy it several times:

Now you can see the boundaries of the texture. I think you need to combine these textures into one. This effect can be achieved with the tool. Eraser (Eraser), with what the eraser should be soft and sized 150 px.

After you have combined all the layers of textures in one layer, select the lowest layer with the yellow tape, with the Ctrl key pressed, click on the layer with the yellow tape and select the texture layer. Invert selection using hotkeys Ctrl + Shift + I and click Delete, to remove selected areas. Then deselect using Ctrl + D and change the blending mode to Multiply (Multiplication) and also put opacity up to 70% We should get the following image as a result:

It’s time to add to the text. For this we will use the tool “Horizontal text type”. Write the title of the film “The Keepers” in black and capital letters. Use the following options for this text layer:

You can see the result below:

To get the same style of text as it was in the film, we have to make the font a little narrow. This can be done using free transform. (Ctrl + T). You should get the result as shown below:

Then, merge all layers with ribbon and text layer into one layer and go to the menu Select – Load Selection (Selection – Load Selection). After that select the tool Gradient Tool (Gradient fill) and fill both sides from transparent to black gradient to get the following result:

So, go to the next step. Remove the selection from the selected area (Ctrl + D) and apply Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur (Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur) with these settings:

See the result:

Then we need to adjust the clarity of the terrain. We can do this using the tool. Sharpen Tool (Sharpness – Brush: 250 pixels, Mode: Normal, Durability: 100%).

After we have clarified the relief on the ribbon, create a selection, as shown in the figure below, and fill it with a black transparent gradient:

So, go to the next step. We need to create a background where we can put one of the characters in the film. Go down one level and create a new layer (a yellow ribbon with text will be above all layers). Use Brush tool (Soft brush, size 300 pixels) to create a large spot using the color # 0d4476.

To apply Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur (Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur) to this layer with settings, as shown in the picture below:

Here is the result:

So now create a new layer, then select the tool. Brush again draw a new spot. Use color # cc1b1b for this layer.

Install opacity to 33% for this layer and then create a new layer and make a new spot on it using the color # 9b21da:

Install now opacity this layer up 22%, and then create a new layer and draw a spot using the color # 0024ff:

Customize opacity this layer up 18%. Now we need to add clouds. For this you need these brushes. In addition, you can use any brushes from the clouds that you like. Choose a tool Brush (Brush) and on the new layer arrange the clouds using the color # 2d66b5.

Then, create a new layer and with the help of other brushes, arrange the other clouds with the color # 5b5489.

And the last clouds (also on a new layer) in color # 7e567f.

It looks good, as for me, but something is missing. Perhaps the main character. Dr. Manhattan would be a better option as for me. To begin with, it is necessary to find an appropriate image of a man with a bare-chested and bumpy muscles. You can find pictures on the Internet, or use my image. Separate the man from the background in any way you know and place it on our document.

Then apply Image> Adjustments> Hue /Saturation (Image> Adjustments> Brightness / Saturation) with the following settings:

After that apply Image> Adjustments> Brightness /Contrast (Image> Adjustments> Brightness / Contrast) to increase the contrast.

You can see the result below:

Then click 2 times on the layer with a man and click on the tab Outer Glow (Externally glow). These are the settings for this layer:

Here’s what happened now:

Next, we proceed to the next step. We have to make glowing eyes for our hero. Create a new layer, then tool Lasso (Lasso) highlight the eyes and fill it with color # 658de2.

Remove the selection from the eye (Ctrl + D). Using tool Dodge tool (Brush: 15 pixels, range: Midtones, Shutter speed: 50%), and begin to lighten the place of the eyeball:

Then on the new layer (below the previous one) create a new selection and fill it with color # 221ea9.

Deselect and change the blending mode to Multiply (Multiplication).

Apply the same actions for the second eye (also on a new layer).

Looks good, right? Go to the next step. Now we need to add the circles on the forehead, which are characteristic of the hero from this film. To do this, select Elliptical Marquee Tool (Oval selection) and make a selection as shown in the picture below and fill it with a color # 221ea9:

Then use Select> Modify> Contract (Select> Modify> Compress), set the value onepx, press the button Delete to clean the selected area.

Deselect (Ctrl + D), and draw two balls:

Now change the layer blending mode to Multiply (Multiplication). The circles on the forehead should turn dark.

And the last thing we can do is add a bit of black smoke to the tape. To do this, take the tool Brush and draw some black spots. Like this:

We have completed work on our wallpaper. I hope you got the result you expected.

Author: photoshopstar
Transfer: Ilya Zhurov
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