Let’s depict the bitterness of love with Photoshop …

Materials for the lesson:


Step 1. First we need to create a document (File>New), with parameters 1024x768 px and 72 dpi. Then use the gradient tool. Gradient tool (G) to color our working paper by setting the following colors:

colors # A8B7BCand #fourFfiveC64.

Step 2 Use Filter> Noise> Add noise… (Filter – Noise – Add Noise)

Step 3. Next, run Filter> Blur> Motionblur (Filter – Blur – Blur in motion).

Step 4. Duplicate this layer and set the following parameters for the filter, which can be found in Filter> Render> LightingEffects (Filter – Rendering – Lighting Effects).

Step 5. To this layer, apply the option Hue / saturation –Hue/Saturation, also this option can be called with the command Ctrl+U. Change the color of the layer.

At this stage, we have the following:

Step 6. Now we will create a mask for the upper layer.

Click on the mask and do the following. Filter> Render> Clouds (Filter – Rendering – Clouds), do not forget to apply the same parameters as shown below:

The result is:

Step 7. Go ahead using the tool Custom shape tool (U) (Arbitrary Figure).

Place the heart as shown below:

Step 8. We go to BlendingOptions>DropShadow (The blending options are Shadow), and use the following table:

BlendingOptions>InnerGlow (Overlay settings – Inner Glow)

BlendingOptions>BevelandEmboss (Overlay options – Emboss)

BlendingOptions>BevelandEmboss>Contour (Overlay settings – Emboss – Contour)

BlendingOptions>GradientOverlay (Blending Options — Gradient Overlay)

BlendingOptions>PatternOverlay(Overlay settings – Pattern overlap). Texture Artistsurfaces (Invoices). Texture name Darkcoarseweave(Dark coarse weave).

It should turn out like this:

Step 9. Create a new layer under the heart and brush Brush tool (B) Draw splashes and spots, you can find them in the archive called: Evil_Blood_Splat and Blood_Splatter_Brushes_By_Vexing_Art.

Immediately create another layer and use brushes from already loaded Blood_Splatter2, and create a similar spot on the surface of the heart.

We create the effect of bloody stains, and for this we use the layers palette:

Let’s draw a few more blots on our unfortunate heart using hawksmont fingerprints that you can download from Ineta.

Set the parameters in the layers palette as shown below:

Create a new layer and take all the same set of finger-brushes and represent two fingers ’prints and patches. Color code # 660000.

Step 10. Now use the tool RectangleTool(U) Line and draw a thin strip of color. # 330000 and after choose FreeTransform (Free transform) to rotate the line as we need.

We continue to work with BlendingOptions> InnerShadow(Overlay settings – Inner shadow).

It should have a metallic effect:

Create copies of needles:

Step 11. Create 3 more lines in black and place, for example, as shown below. These layers with shadows should be below the layers with the needles themselves.

Create a new layer and use on it. Brush Tool (B) Opacityof 20% (Opacity), to darken the place of injections.

Step 12. Create a new layer and then use the Rectangular Area Tool on it – Rectangular marquee tool (m) Paint bucket tool (G) – Fill necessary to color the resulting area. Color number #FFFFCC

Step 13. We need to secure the layer so that later nothing gets stuck in the course of work.

Use a brush like the following and opacity Opacityof ten%. This is for the effect of blood splashing on the image. Color code # 993333

Step 14. Take PolygonalLassoTool (L) Polygonal Lasso and highlight the place as below. Then take BurnTool (O) Dimmer and put a shadow, imitating the folds of the paper.

BurnTool (O) The dimmer must have the following parameters:

Blending Options> Drop Shadow (Overlay settings – Shadow).

It should turn out like this:

Right-click on the layer and select the option Create layer, as shown below

Select a layer with a shadow and take the Sterka, erase the upper bounds

Draw an arbitrary rectangle with the same tool and color it # 999999

Blend options – Inner shadow (BlendingOptions>DropShadow):

Apply the following settings.

We need to get something similar.

You need to make the tape more visible, to do this, create a layer under the layer with Velcro. Make a few clicks with a brush (Opacity – ten%) and should get the result as in the image below.

Copy the tape along with the shadow to the opposite side.

The next step is an inscription.

Text options in the table below:

Take Eraser , reduce the opacity and erase so that the text appears worn

Translator:Saprykina Vitaly
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