We decorate the car in Photoshop.

We will need three images for this tutorial: the car, the Hello Kitty logo and its face.
You can download the Hello Kitty images from the archive (all rights to these resources belong to their owners).

Materials for the lesson:

Step 1. Setting the background
Create a document of 750×550 px.
Use color as foreground. # FF84C3 and for background color # AE1D51.
Fill the background layer linear gradient (linear gradient) from top to bottom.

Step 2. Forming the floor
Create a new layer above the background layer.
Choose a tool RectangleMarqueetool (Rectangular selection area) and create a selection on the bottom half of the document.
Fill this selection linear gradient (linear gradient) from bottom to top.

Step3. Car allotment
Cut your car out of its background with a tool. Pentool (Pen).
Click here to learn how to highlight with this tool.
Using the tool Movetool (Move tool), move your car to the center of the document, as shown in the figure below.

Step 4. Adjusting colors
Being on the layer with the car, go to the menu Image> Adjustments> Hue / Saturation (Image> Correction> Hue / Saturation). Set the parameters:
Hue (Color tone) 55,
Saturation (Saturation) 30,
Lightness (Brightness) 0.

Go to menu Image> Adjustments> Levels (Image> Correction> Levels). Set the values ​​to 0; 0.85; 255.

Step 5. Pattern Definition
Open the Hello Kitty psd file you downloaded earlier. Hide all layers except the face and create a rectangular selection around it. Go to menu Edit> Define Pattern (Edit> Define Pattern).
Go back to your document and create a new layer above the car layer. Fill this layer pattern (pattern) Hello Kitty. Log in Image> Adjustment> Invert (Image> Correction> Invert) to apply white color to the patterns.

Step 6. Deformation of the patterns on the front
Duplicate the Hello Kitty layer and hide one of these layers.
Staying on the visible layer, go to the menu Edit> Transform> Warp (Edit> Transform> Warp). Deform the pattern on the front of the car by pulling the corners of the grid. Set the positions of these points as shown.

Step 7. Deformation patterns on the side
Make visible the pattern layer that we hid before, repeat the same technique as in step 6 to the side of the car.
Merge two patterned layers. Use soft eraser (soft eraser) size 150 px and transparency (opacity) 50%, erase them a little edge of the patterns to blend them with the car. Concentrate more on those areas that seem distant.

Step 8. Add a logo HelloKitty
Erase some of the patterns on the hood.
Place the Hello Kitty logo in the main document on top of all layers. Go to menu Edit > Transform > Distort (Edit> Transform> Distort) to distort the logo as you see in the image.
Use a soft eraser size of 100 px and a transparency of 50%, erase a little the left part of the logo.

Step 9. Add a shadow
Create a new layer below the car layer.
Use a soft black brush with a transparency of 80%, draw shadows.

Step 10. Add shine
Duplicate the car layer.
Select the duplicated layer and go to the menu. Filter> Blur> GaussianBlur (Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur). Set the radius to 5 px.
Set the blending mode for this layer to screen (lightening) and transparency to 50%. You can increase the transparency if you want the car to look even more fabulous.

Then you can add a nice Background and a little sparkle to the car.

Click here to see the final image.

Author: Johnson Koh
Transfer: Antsyperovich Alexandra
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