We decorate the desktop!

In this tutorial, you will see another interesting version of the New Year wallpaper on your desktop.

Let’s start, Create a new document permission for 1024×768 and 72dpi
Then take the tool Rectangle (Rectangle Tool U) and select the entire document area.

Call the window Layer Style (Layer Style)> Gradient Overlay (Gradient overlay) and set the following settings.

Gradient’s parameters

Select Tool Feather (Pen Tool (P)) and draw a shape like on the image.

Layer Options: Fill (Fill) 0%
Layer Style (Layer Style)> Gradient Overlay (Gradient Overlay)

Gradient Parameters (Gradient’s parameters)

Draw another white strip.

Make the third strip and fill it #FBD504by color

Using the tool Ellipse (EllipseTool(U)) draw a circle.

Apply the following layer settings: Layer Style (LayerStyle)> Gradient Overlay (Gradient Overlay)

Gradient Parameters

Choose a tool Rectangle (RectangleTool), to draw a ball mount. It can be transformed with a tool Convert point (Convert Point Tool)

Layer Options: StyleLayer(Layer Style)> Overlaygradient(Gradient Overlay)

Gradient’s parameters

Now draw the mount for the thread, using the tool Ellipse
EllipseTool). This layer must be under the previous layer.

Layer Options: Fill (Fill) 0%
Stylelayer (Layer Style)> Stroke (Stroke)

Gradient’s parameters

Tool Line (Line Tool), draw a thread

Merge the layer that makes up the ball. Make two copies. Apply to each copy FreeTransformation (Free Transform). And place the other balls as shown in the image below.

Next, make a shadow from the ball, for this we need the Tool Ellipse (EllipseTool). Place this layer under the ball.

Layer Options: Opacity (Opacity) 50%
Layer Style (LayerStyle)> Gradient Overlay (Gradient Overlay)

OptionsGradient (Gradient’s parameters)

Hold buttonAltand click between the shadow layer and the layer below to create a clipping mask.

Make a copy of the Shadow and place it above the layer of the ball. Holding the key Alt, click between the shadow layer and the layer below.

Add tinsel and serpentine our composition. Using tool Feather (PenTool) draw a white line. To correct the form, you can use the tool Angle (Convert Point Tool)

Using the previous drawing method, create another serpentine, but a different shape.

To draw the same string of beads as in the picture below, you first need to create an outline. the desired shape. Then add a new layer, take the usual round Brush (BrushTool), colors #F8C701.

Go to the Brushes palette (F5), there in Brush-shaped to increase intervals, to make individual beads.

Then return to the document, press the letter P on the keyboard to bring up the Pen tool, then right-click on it – Select a command Outline the contour (Stroke path)

Find the Snowflake brush on the site. On the New Layer, take the Tool. Brush (BrushTool), and choose a favorite snowflake

Place them like this:

Layer Options: Fill (Fill) 50%
Blending mode> Overlay

Create a new layer and add a few more small threads with beads, as already done before.

On a new layer, choosing Brush (BrushTool), draw some more snowflakes.

Your desktop – the most New Year!

Transfer: Litvinova Maria

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