We draw a card for Valentine’s Day in Photoshop

February 14 – Valentine’s Day, the holiday of love and friendship, so for this occasion, we will create a beautiful card dedicated to Valentine’s Day, using Photoshop.

Final image:

Step 1

Before you begin, download the archive of the resources we need. Open a new document sized 1200 x 1200 px. Resolution (Resolution) 72 dpi, RGB color 8bits. Then add a fill layer. Gradient (Gradient), for this go to menu Layer> New Fill Layer> GradientGradient (Layer> New Fill Layer> Gradient):

Step 2

Now in the tools take CustomShapeTool (Arbitrary shape) (u) and draw a heart:

Then go to the overlay options

Step 3

Draw a smaller heart, tilt it left or right

Switch overlay options

Step 4

Take Pen (Pen) (P) with the shape layer creation mode and draw the following shape:

Go to the overlay settings and apply OverlayGradient (Gradient Overlay)

Now duplicate the heart with the shape and position them as shown below.

Step 5

Create a new layer (Ctrl + Shift + N), take Brush (Brush) (B) and draw the following shapes.

Then go to the overlay options

Step 6

Draw hearts on the same layer using the appropriate brushes (apply layer styles)

Similarly, draw one or two flowers as shown below.

Step 7

Apply red hearts to colors. To do this, select the red heart layer and go to the menu Layer> Layer Style> Copy Layer Style (Layer> Layer Style> Copy Layer Style) and then select the layer with the flower and go to the menu Layer> Layer Style> Paste Layer style (Layer> Layer Style> Insert Layer Style).

On the other layer, draw white hearts using the same brushes.

Step 8

Then enter your text in space using the Indenture English Penman font and red color.

Create a new layer and select red color # 6d0909 as the foreground color in the color picker

Step 9

Then go to menu Filter> Render> Clouds (Filter> Rendering> Clouds)

Change the blending mode to Overlay (Overlap) and reduce Opacity (Opacity) up to 39%.

Step 10

Paste the following texture and position it directly above the first background layer Gradient Fill

Change the blending mode to SoftLight (Soft light) and reduce Opacity(Opacity) up to 43%.

And here is the final result

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