We draw a card-Valentine in Photoshop

?As you probably know, Valentine’s Day is a holiday of lovers, on this day we exchange greeting cards, as well as give chocolate and flowers. February 14 already soon, and you did not notice! You need a great Valentine’s day card. So do it yourself, it will benefit you and will delight your soul mate. You will enjoy the postcard from our lesson. You can do it at your discretion.

Final image

Let’s get to work! To get started, open a new document sized 1500x1500px, Resolution (Resolution) 72dpi, RGB color 8 bits. Next, add a fill layer. Gradient (Gradient) through the menu Layer> New Fill Layer> Gradient (Layer> Fill New Layer> Gradient).

Now take the tool Pen (Pen) (p) in mode Shape (Figure) and draw a heart, if you have difficulties with a pen, then download the following heart shapes from the archive.

Then go to the overlay options Layer>LayerStyle>BlendingOptions (Layer> Layer Style> Blending Options) or double click on the layer.

Now duplicate your layer (Ctrl + J) and reduce the size of the heart by a few pixels, using (Ctrl + T).

Then go back to the blending options and change the gradient blending.

After that add a gradient stroke.

This will give you the following effect.

Now create a new layer (Ctrl + Shift + N), place it behind the heart layer and use a black color to draw a similar shadow.

Then change your blending mode to Overlay (Overlap).

Repeat the same with another smaller heart.

and use the following gradient colors

(Remember to invert the gradient colors of the large layer)

Then duplicate the hearts you created and arrange them as follows.

Then add text using the tool Text (Text) (T). Note: Aller and Channel fonts

Now add a new layer (Ctrl + Shift + N) and fill it with white color, then go to the menu Filter>Noise>AddNoise (Filter> Noise> Add Noise).

After that, change the blending mode to Multiply (Multiply) and reduce it Opacity (Opacity) up to 46%

Finally add a adjustment layer. Levels (Levels) through the menu Layer>NewAdjustmentLayer>Levels (Layer> New Adjustment Layer> Levels).


And here is the final result of our Valentine’s day postcard.

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