We draw a lawn

To draw a lawn in Photoshop:

Create a new document and then a new layer.
Then go to
menu Filter (Filter) – Noise (Noise) – Add noise (Add noise)

The settings will be as follows:

Click “OK.”

Next, contact again.
at Filter – Blur (Blur) – Motion blur (Motion blur)

Angle (Angle) = 77
Distance (Distance) = 13

Go to menu Image (Image) – Adjustments (Adjustment) – Hue / Saturation (Color / Saturation)

Set the following settings:

That’s what you should do.

Go back to the menu Filter – Stylize (Stylization) – Wind (Wind)

Method (Method) = Stagger (Staggering)
Direction (Direction) – from the right (on right)

Refer to the menu Edit (Editing) – Transform (Transformation) – Rotate 90 CW (Rotate 90 degrees clockwise).

Next, duplicate the grass layer and the copied layer, set the blending mode to Color burn.

Parameter Fill (color density) set equal 38%

Now you have a small lawn area.

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