We draw a poster in Photoshop

I really like the movie from the James Bond series – Casino Royale. The lesson today will be devoted to this topic.

The film is really great. Let’s get started

First, I use the Bond photo to create a silhouette. I looked through some of the posters and selected this photo.

Now we will use 2 primary colors. His suit, weapon and body will be black and his shirt white.
Choose a tool Pen (Pen Tool) and outline the contour of Bond’s body.

Create a new layer and right-click on any part of our image, select Fill contour (Fill) and fill it with black with 100% opacity.
Hide the layer with the black silhouette (turn off the eye). Using the same tools, select the contour of the shirt.

Create a new layer and fill it with 100% white. Hide this layer.
Now repeat the procedure for the last part – a tie.

Fill with black. Turning on the hidden layers should make something like this:

This is not what we are striving for. It’s time to fill the background with a gradient. The transition from dark red to black with a red tint looks perfect for us. I chose the following colors for the gradient: # 1A0607 and # 931314 (for the background). Select the background layer (with the original image), then Linear gradient (Linear Gradient Tool) and make a diagonal gradient fill (the dark part should be in the lower right corner).

The effect of the vector silhouette is ready, we can stop at this. But I decided to go ahead and add additional effects.

Playing cards, roulette and chips are essential attributes of any casino. So I added them to my picture. After a brief search, I found the following images:

Using the tool Extract (Extract), cut the playing cards and paste them into our work. You can cut the cards in any way convenient for you.

Place this layer between the background and the Bond silhouette layer. Set the opacity to 15%. Then, using the tool Transform (Cntr + T), increase the size of the cards and place them somewhere at the top of the image.

Perform the same procedure with the roulette wheel. Set the opacity to 20% and place the roulette wheel at the bottom of the image.

Almost done. Adding the label “Casino Royale” is the last step. Looking through other posters, I found a logo with large gold letters on a black background. What you need!

Insert this inscription in your work and place it in the upper right corner. Set the blending mode Light replacement (Lighten) to make the black background disappear. That’s all!

Transfer: Mikhailova Elena
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