We draw a realistic baseball cap in Photoshop

In this Photoshop tutorial, I will show you how to create a realistic 3D baseball cap using the tool. Pen (Pen), brushes and some clever tricks.

Step 1: Creating the Form
Create a new document in Photoshop, fill it with white (#FFFFFF). Create a new layer and use the tool. Pen (Pen), to draw a baseball cap shape (you can use a baseball cap image or this outline below as a guideline). Then press Ctrl + Enter to transform the contour into a selection. Then fill it with # 1c1812.

Step 2: Set the form
It’s time to identify some parts of the baseball cap. Use the tool Burn (Dimmer) (O) to add shadows to the baseball cap (shown below), and then the tool Pen (Feather) (P), to create two lines (# 413a2f).

Step 3: Creating the texture
The back of the baseball cap should be darker. Create a selection on the back of the baseball cap and use the tool Brush (Brush) (B) in order to fill the selection with black on a new layer.

Step 4. Right-click on the layer with the back of the baseball cap and select Blending Options. Then move to Pattern Overlay and set the following settings.
BlendMode (Blend Mode): HardLight (Hard light)
Scale (Scale): 7%
Opacity: 13%

Step 5. Visor seams created tool Pen (Feather) (P). Create each seam on a separate layer by drawing lines with the tool. Pen (Feather) (P), stroke with a thin, hard brush, and then erase the edges with a large soft eraser (eraser). Select layers with seams and mergelayers (drain) their.
Duplicate, invert their color (Ctrl + I) and place the black seams between the rest. This will create a stamping effect.

Step 6. Create a new layer. Use the tool again. Pen (Feather) (P) to create the shape shown below, and fill the selection with black. Then add noise to the selection. ((Filter> Noise> Add Noise (Filter> Noise> Add Noise)), set its value below 10%, and Opacity 75% of the layer.

Step 7. Create another layer and draw a selection like below using the tool Pen (Feather) (P). Then you will need to add some light in order to make the back of the baseball cap more transparent (as if the light passes through the other side). Use the tool Brush (B) white and add a little dim glow.

Step 8: Add a logo
To give a unique look, you can add a brand logo or your own unique design element. I used # 7b7452, and then set the layer to Color Dodge (Brightening Basics).

Step 9: Details
To create in-depth baseball cap lines, use the tool. Pen (Feather) (P), add light and shadows using tools to create a shape selection. Burn (Dimmer) and Dodge (Clarifier). Smudge (spread) lights and shadows to give them a softer look.

Step 10: Light
You need to add a little light on the visor, for which create a selection and use a large white brush to paint over it. Then select blendingmode (blending mode)Hard Light and reduce, if necessary, opacity.

Step 11: Realistic Texture
The material looks a bit cartoony and blurry, so we need to paint some spots with different colors (darker / lighter). You can smudge (smudge) them (or give them a different effect Filter> Blur> Motion Blur (Filter> Blur> Motion Blur))) to make them look more realistic.

Step 12: Background
Baseball is ready. Now you need to create a background.

Step 13: Light
To make the baseball cap more real and illuminated, we need to changecontrast (contrast) and brightness (brightness). Select all layers with a baseball cap and merge them into one layer (Ctrl + Alt + E). Adjust contrast (contrast) and brightness (brightness) (Image > Adjustments > Brightness/Contrast (Image> Correction> Brightness / Contrast)) so that the baseball cap stands out in the background.

Step 14: Shadow
The baseball cap looks like it is floating in the air, so we need to add a shadow.

Step 15: Background
Create a new layer (ctrl + shift + n) and place it under the layers with a baseball cap. After that use some grunge brushes (for example these), create a nice background using different colors.

Step 16: Background
The final step in this lesson is to add light at the bottom and a shadow at the top to create the space where the baseball cap is located.
Use the tool Pen (Feather) (P), To create a selection, and also use a large soft brush to create a baseball cap surface.

When creating a baseball cap, try to improvise as much as possible. No need to use all the same colors or create a grunge background! Enjoy!

Click here to view high resolution image.

Posted by: Cucu Tudor Ionel
Translation: Alexander Antsiperovich
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