We draw posters with words

Typography – graphic design of printed text by typing and layout using rules and regulations.

So, with the help of a boring, at first glance, text, we will create a colorful poster.

Step 1. Let’s start! First we need to create a document of size 500×500 pixels. After that, fill the background layer with black.

Step 2. Choose a tool Horizontal Type Tool(Horizontal text) and fill with any text the entire text layer above the background. Color for the text will use # 431a1a.

Translation Board: to evenly fill the entire layer with text, you first need to call the Paragraph palette: Window – Paragraph (Window – Paragraph). In the appeared palette, click on the icon called Justify All (Full shutdown).

Now let’s move on to our document, move the cursor to the upper left corner and, holding the LMB, bring the cursor to the lower right corner. We received a frame, inside which we will place the text (stretch the frame so that it extends beyond the document).

Function Justify All (Full off) will evenly distribute the text from edge to edge (at the moment the font size does not matter, we will deal with the settings later).
When you finish typing the text, click on the check mark to confirm.

Step 3. Now, turn the text layer on 45 degrees clockwise, using Edit> Transform>Rotate (Editing – Transformation – Rotate).

Translation Board: In order not to be mistaken with the rotation of the angle, enter the value 45 in the transformation settings.

Step 4. Now adjust the font, focusing on the screenshot below.

Translation Board: To customize the font, you must first select the text. To do this, click repeatedly on the text (2 clicks in a row – the word is highlighted, 3 clicks in a row – the sentence, 4 clicks in a row – the text).

Perhaps, after the font settings a lot of free space will appear. It does not matter, copy the text and paste it until you fill the entire layer.

Step 5. Intermediate result:

Step 6. Fine! Now we will find a suitable vector image, which will decorate our poster. You can independently search for the image you need in a search engine, for example, Google, or use the picture of the author.

Open the image in Photoshop and place it in our poster above the layer with the text, let’s name the layer with the girl Girl1 (you should not use the image with small details or elements for this lesson).

Step 7. After that create a copy of the layer with the vector girl – Girl2 (Ctrl +J). Hide the visibility of the Girl1 layer by clicking on the icon with an eye on the layers palette (layer visibility). We will work with Girl2 (this layer should be on the layers palette above the Girl1 layer).

Using the tool Magnetic Lasso (magnetic lasso), highlight the lips. Then, Ctrl +Shift +I, to invert the selection and click Delete, to remove the main part of the image.

Step 8. Remove selection Ctrl +D. Make the Girl1 layer active, return visibility. Now Ctrl + click on the thumbnail with the text (got a selection), click Ctrl +Shift +I (to invert the selection). Push Delete, to remove part of the image.

Step 9. Remove selection Ctrl +D. Our poster has a stylish look:

Step 10. Add a few details. Using the tool Horizontal Type Tool (Horizontal text), we will write in two lines any phrase, for example,DJ Music! Only best hits!’. Use the same font settings as in Step 4. Only the font size will be different. Use white for lettering.

Turn the text on 45 degrees, using Edit> Transform>Rotate (Editing – Transformation – Rotate). Spread a few lines relative to each other.

Well, here we are. I hope you are interested in the typographical method of creating a music poster.

Do not be afraid to experiment and everything will be received by YOU!

Transfer: Evgenia Goncharova
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