We draw smoke in Photoshop

In this Photoshop tutorial we will draw smoke.

1. Select a photo with an object that your idea will smoke.
In our case, this weapon.
In the movies, you probably noticed that after the shot the gun continued to smoke for a few more seconds.

Let’s add some light smoke to the image that you see below to get the effect that this weapon just fired.

2. Create a new layer. Take a soft brush of light gray and click around the barrel.
Reduce transparency if necessary.

3. Create a new layer and immediately change the blending mode to “dissolve” (dissolve). Take a black brush with a slightly smaller radius and click a couple of times, repeat with white.
It turned out the effect as if sprinkled with pepper.

4. Merge the two layers with a cloud and pepper.
Take the tool and spread this mixture up slightly, giving it the shape of the letter “S”. Play with the brush settings (softness, size, transparency).

5. We proceed to the final registration of smoke.
Take a soft eraser and with the help of it, slightly wipe down the lower parts in order to give the smoke more transparency and air solubility.

Use tools clarifier and dimmer , to add light and shadow to your smoke. Clean those places that look too thick. Try to reduce transparency.

Drawing such an elusive substance as smoke is hard, so work carefully, and then the result will look natural.

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