We draw stylish kiwi glasses

In this lesson, you will learn how to make these crazy kiwi glasses!

Draw a silhouette points using Pen (Pen Tool.)
To draw a path (contour of objects) click the button .
Click Ctrl + Enter to load the selection.
Make the selection highlight white. (Fill 85%)

Use the same method to draw glass.
Draw each piece of glass on a separate layer. (Fill 0%)
Load a selection of glass, go back to the layer of points and delete the selected areas.
Add a Internal shadow (Inner Shadow) and Overlay gradient (Gradient Overlay) as shown.

Add a layer with glasses Layer styles. The author used the green apple texture for style. Overlapping pattern (Pattern Overlay), which you can download here.

Pattern overlap:


Inner shadow:

External glow:

Internal luminescence:

Embossing / Bevel:



Add the layer styles of the previous layer to the handle, but without the Outer Glow and set Opacity to 58% and Fill to 85%.

Paste the image of kiwi on a new layer. Fill set to 60% and overlay mode Shut offe (overlay). Download points selection, further Allotment – Inversion.
Go back to the Kiwi layer and delete the unwanted parts.

Download the points selection again. Create a new layer. Take a soft round brush, White colour. Draw white spots around the edges of the glasses.

Add white reflections to the glass. Use Oval selection , erase unnecessary areas. Opacity set at 24%

To create borders, duplicate the layer of points, set the Opacity to 40%, move it slightly to the right. Add a layer style Gradient overlap, Transparent glass gradient.

And here is the result!

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