We glue a photo with scotch tape

From this tutorial you will learn how using Photoshop to glue a photo with scotch tape to a wall or any other surface.

Suppose you have a processed photograph or postcard, but you do not know how you can decorate it in an original way. Here is one of the ways:

1. Create a new document of any size and color. Over the background of the “wall” think for yourself. Here you can use everything to which the tape is attached.

2. Open the photo to which you decided to apply the scotch effect. Place the photo on the document.

3. Click CTRL + T and rotate the photo a little.

4. Now we will draw a piece of scotch.
Create a new layer.

Take the tool and make a selection of the sizes you need (here 120 x 60 px)
Fill the selection with white.
Click the button at the bottom of the layers palette to apply the Stroke style (Stroke)

Reduce the Fill option (Fill) this layer is up to thirty%. The strip will become transparent, but the stroke will not lose its color.

Now take the lasso and make a selection imitating ragged edges. Make sure that you are standing on a layer with scotch and press the button delete.

CTRL + D to deselect. And that’s what happened:

Do the same with the right side.

Duplicate this layer three times and place pieces of scotch on all corners. Expand (CTRL + T) so they naturally cling to the picture.

If you want the effect to be even more real, it is better to make each piece of scotch tape separately, and not to copy the layer.

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