Wild logo

In this Photoshop tutorial we will learn how to make a wild logo.

Create a new document 400×200 px and
fill it with color # 303030.

Now we use Ellipse Shape Tool and draw
a circle (color is not so important, for example, I used white).

Next, create a new document: 3×3 px
Background Contents: Transparent
those. the background should be transparent.

Via Pencil tool (the size 1px, Colour # 80b950)
put a dot in the middle of our image (pre

After that we go Edit> Define Pattern,
call our texture “logo” and click Ok.

Now go to the document with the circle.
Click 2 times on this layer and go to the panel Layer Style.
Next, perform the following actions:

And we get something like this:

Next, do Ctrl + left click on the circle layer
in order to highlight it.

Take Elliptical Marquee ToolSubtract from selection

and cut off part of the selection, as shown in the figure:

Using a gradient (color: white to transparency)
do the following:

Now using pen , create a triangle, and apply to it all the same styles that were used a little earlier for a circle, but in
at the construction site Bevel and Emboss we change Depth on one, but
Size on 0. Here is what we got:

Next, copy the layer with a triangle and using the command
Edit> Free Transform (Ctrl + T),
turn it on 180 degrees. Place it opposite
the first triangle is at the bottom of the circle.

We clamp Ctrl and choose in the panel Layers layers with the first and
the second triangles, duplicate them. Push Ctrl + T and
turn them on 90 degrees.

Now select 4 layers, duplicate them, and rotate as
shown below:

Next, using Custom shape tool, draw a paw.

Apply the following settings to the paw layer:

Here is the result:

In principle, our wild logo is ready, it remains only to add
some inscription.


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