Wood carving

We open the new document in the size 600×450 px. For the base color, select color #48483e, and for secondary #b7af88. Fill the document with the main color.

We go to Filter> Render> Fibers (Filter – Rendering – Fibers) with the settings you agree on yourself.
Play, see what you like best.

Copy the main layer. Select the top layer and go to Filter> Artistic> Poster Edges (Filter – Imitation – Contoured edges) with settings as in the picture or at your discretion.

Change the blending mode from Normal to Overlay (Overlay), and lower Opacity (Transparency) to 65%.

Now we will make our tree more realistic – add a gradient. Create a new layer and select the gradient fill tool.

Double-click on the gradient image to open the Gradient Editor window, here choose the following settings:

Black colour:

1) Location (Location checkbox with color) – 0%, Opacity = 100%;

2) Loc. 16%, Opac. 80%

3) Loc. 50%, Opac. 0%

4) Loc. 75%, Opac. 100%

5) Loc. 100%, Opac. 100%

Then we change the blending mode to Overlay, and reduce the transparency to 50%.

Add a new adjustment layer (Layer> New Adjustment Layer> Hue / Saturation Layer – New box. layer – Color / saturation), here with these settings: Hue (color) – 6, Saturation – nineteen, Lightness – 0.

Move this layer under the gradient layer.

So we figured out the tree, now we need to cut out the inscription.

The inscription can be made with the Line tool. . I did the second way – using the Text tool .

We write some nonsense, choose a white color for text. Place the text layer under the gradient layer. Double-click on the text layer to open the Layer Style window, here we apply the following styles to our text:

Inner shadow:


Color overlay:

Texture Overlay:

The text we got some kind of smooth, so go to Filter> Liquify (Filter – Plastic) and bend it.

It seems that something is missing, correctly, there is not enough heart, in which our inscription will be located.

So immediately correct this misunderstanding. Using by size 7 px draw a heart. Right-click on the text layer and select the command Copy Layer Style (copy layer style).

After doing the right-click on the layer with the first part of the heart and select the command Paste Layer Style (paste the layer style).

On the same layer, go Layer> Layer Style> Color Overlay (color overlay), here we change the blend mode to Overlay and reduce transparency to 40%

Then we copy these styles from the first line of the heart and paste them on all the others (as was done earlier).

In the end, it remains for us to add an arrow piercing the heart:

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