Wounded heart

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a Wounded Heart photo manipulation in Photoshop using just a few stock images. Of course, we use red roses, medieval swords, vector ribbon plus brushes. Blood and textures. I really liked the final result, but I am sure that your composition with the heart of roses will look much better. You can look at some examples of tattoos depicting hearts from roses for inspiration. If you replace swords with arrows, for example, then you also get a nice manipulation of bleeding heart.

Final result

Step 1

In this tutorial, we will create a manipulation with a bloody heart of roses in Photoshop, we just prepare in advance for Valentine’s Day. I’ll start by creating a simple layer with a background; Fill the layer with the color shade # e8dab7. Download the image of a medieval sword. Using the selection tool, remove the background in the image with the sword. You can create an active selection around the sword image with the tool. Pen (Pen Tool) and then add a layer mask.

Step 2

To the layer with the sword, add Layer styles (layer style) option Inner shadow (Inner Shadow), also to the sword layer, add an adjustment layer. Brightness / Contrast (Brightness / Contrast) as a clipping mask.

Step 3

Select the sword layer as well as the adjustment layer. Brightness / Contrast(Brightness / Contrast) and then convert them to Smart-an object(smart object); duplicate the merged layer. Flip horizontally (Flip horizontally) duplicate the sword layer to create the effect of crossed swords.

Step 4

Download a stock image of a heart from roses. Separate the heart from the background, and then move the selected heart image to our working paper. Duplicate the layer with the heart, name the first layer “Heart of Roses 1”, and duplicate the layer “Hearts of Roses 2” respectively.

Step 5

To the “Heart of Roses 1” layer, add Layer styles (layer style) option Inner shadow (Inner Shadow) as well, add an adjustment layer. Brightness / Contrast (Brightness / Contrast) as a clipping mask.

Step 6

Change the blending mode for the “Hearts of Roses 2” layer to Soft light (Soft Light).

Step 7

Create a new layer below the layers with hearts of roses, change the blending mode for this layer to Overlap (Overlay). With soft black Brushes (Brush Tool), draw the shadow. Make sure that the shadows are visible only on swords. To do this, you need to load the selection around the images of the swords, and then paint over the selected area.

Step 8

Next, we add the ribbon, placing it in the center of our heart. You can choose one of the many tapes that you can download for free on the Internet or select a tape from the archive with materials for the lesson.

Step 9

I chose this red ribbon. Next, I discolored the ribbon. Strengthen Brightness (brightness) to 35 as well Contrast (contrast) to 95. To the ribbon layer, also add layer styles. Inner shadow (Inner Shadow). Also, create a new layer below the ribbon layer to draw a ribbon shadow, visible only on the heart of roses.

Step 10

Add text, write something. I used Ethon for my text, but you can use any other font as you like. Here you can find out how to install a new font on your computer.

Step 11

Next, I used the Blood Brush to add drops of blood flowing from the blade of the sword. Of course, you can use the blood texture to create a more dramatic effect.

Step 12

Add rose petals to our working paper. It is good that the rose petals are located on a transparent background, so we will not waste time removing the background. To layer with rose petals, add layer styles Shadow (Drop Shadow) as well Inner shadow(Inner Shadow).

Step 13

To create a vintage grunge effect, I used one of the textures of old paper to texture our image. Change the blending mode for the old paper texture layer to Multiplication (Multiply); You can additionally adjust the saturation, glow, contrast texture.

Step 14

As a final touch, you can add light effects, for example, I added a texture with a highlight. Once you add a highlight texture to our composition, change the blending mode for the highlight layer to Lightening (Screen). I also used a filter Rendering – Blick (Lens Flare filter) to make the lighting effect more interesting. Here you can learn how to add light highlights in Photoshop.

So, we have completed the lesson. The final result of the manipulation of the heart of roses, you can see in the screenshot below. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

Final result

If you want, then you can create a Valentine Day greeting card using one of the greeting card templates. I also added a rose and a few rose petals inside the postcard.

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