3D tentacles

In this Photoshop tutorial, we’ll draw 3D tentacles with you.

Step 1

Create a document 250×250 pixels. Fill it with colorB9CCD9. Now we create a new layer, which we will have
called “tentacles”.
Select the Rectangular Selection (Rectangular Marquee Tool) and draw them a figure of 18×240 pixels. Fill with black
color. Selection in any case do not remove!

Step 2

Create a new layer on top of the tentacle layer. The selection still needs to be active. Fill the layer with color #FCFCFC.

Step 3

Apply to the lightest topmost layer. Filter -> Blur -> Gaussian Blur (Filter -> Blur -> Gaussian Blur) with
radius 4-6 pixels. Now merge both layers by pressing CTRL + E. After that, remove the selection with CTRL + D.

Step 4

At this stage, we must apply the Distort command. Go in Editing -> Transformation -> Distortion (Edit -> Transform -> Distort). We make from our tentacle a figure tapering towards the center, as shown in the figure.

Step 5

Adding a Curving Tentacle. Filter -> Distortion -> Warp (Filter -> Distort -> Shear). Slightly stretch the two midpoints in opposite directions.

Step 6

This is the most important part of this lesson!
Apply Filter -> Imitation -> Cellophane packaging (Filter -> Artistic -> Plastic Wrap).

Backlight (Highlight Strenght): 9
Detailing: 9
Smoothness: 2
These simple manipulations should give our tentacle a 3d effect.

Step 7

Add some shadow
Choose Layer -> Layer Style -> Shadow (Layer -> Layer Style -> Drop Shadow)
Blend Mode (Blend Mode): Normal (Normal)
Color (Color): Black (Black)
Opacity: 30%
Angle: 90
Offset (Distance): 2
Spread: 0
Size (Size): 5

Step 8

The creative part of the lesson begins.
For this we need the brush “Blood”. You can download them here.

Create a new layer and call it “blood.” Change the main color to #A2171A and spread blood stains along the tentacle.

Step 9

Change the blending mode of the “bloody” layer to Multiplication (Multiplay) (you can experiment with different modes).
Leave this layer active and hold down the CTRL key,
Click the tentacle layer with the mouse. Invert the selection CTRL + SHIFT + I and press the Delete key.

As a result, blood stains remained only on the tentacle. Adjust our layer: Image -> Correction -> Brightness / Contrast (Image -> Adjustments -> BrightnessContrast) -25
Filter -> Sharpness -> Sharpness (Filter -> Sharpen -> Sharpen).

Step 10

In the final step, add some more blood to the background. Using this technique and a little imagination, you can get more
interesting result.

Author: project09

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