Anime girl with a sword

In this lesson we will learn to depict anime, to create the structure of metal and woolen clothes, a light background.

To start, create a new document. File – New (File – New) (ctrl + n)

Choose a tool Brush (3-6 px) and try to outline the shape of the anime. I chose red in order to make it easier to outline the outlines.

Change the brush size to 1 px and select black for the outline. Create a new layer layer – new – layer (Layer – New – Layer) (shift + ctrl + n). Using the tool pen (Pen Tool), very carefully trace the outlines on the NEW layer.

Delete the first draft layer. layer – delete – layer (Layer – Delete – Layer). Create a new layer (Layer – New – Layer) (shift + ctrl + n). Place this layer under the contour layer. Use the tool fill (Paint Bucket Tool) and fill this layer with white or gray.

I wanted to transform the picture for this go Editing – Transform – Flip Horizontally (Edit – Transform – Flip Horizontal).
Then create a new layer and place it under the layer with the contour. On it we paint our figure with a brush.

Now let’s start drawing eyes. You are taking brushsizes 3 pixels. And draw the iris. After painting the eyes, create a new layer and place it OVER with the layer with contours.
Choose a soft white brush and put spots – glare.

Using tools Blur and Brush, We give eyes expressiveness.

We continue to work with the face, but rather with the lips. Take the tool Brush white color set rigidity on 0% and draw a highlight on the lower lip, and vice versa darken the upper lip with the help of tools Brush and Dimmer.

Shadow the girl’s shoulder using the tool Brush with the following settings:

Let’s start giving realism to our drawing. Using the tool Brush apply shadows and highlights on the part of the picture.

Take the tool Clarifier and process the lighter parts of our drawing:

After that, take the tool clarification and handle the front of the girl, then, with tools Brush and Dimmer – back.

Choose primary color is black, but background – white (D) Create a new layer, go Filter – Rendering – Clouds (Filter – Render – Clouds).

Reduce the size of the layer and change the angle so that this layer lies on the part of the picture on which we want to apply the texture. So, right-click – Transform – Free Transform (Edit – Free Transform) (ctrl + t).

Group this layer and the layer with the image of the girl. Let’s go Layer – Group Layers (Layer – Create Clipping Mask) (ctrl + g). Then erase everything around the sword using the tool Eraser (Eraser Tool), change blending mode layer on overlap (Overlay). Combine these 2 layers by clicking Ctrl + E.

The “string” of the sword should be more textured. To do this, we take Hard brush by size 2 pixels. Main color choose Navy blue, but background – white. Outlines the “lace”.

Now let’s do the girl’s hair. Dim the tips of the hair in the picture.

Apply to the layer with the clothes and hair of the girl layer mask and black brush remove the part of the hair that should be covered with a highlight.

Remove the layer mask (Layer – Remove layer mask).
Give realism to the skin. Use the brush tool to darken the skin on the girl’s face and hands.

In the same way we darken clothes.

Tool Finger (Smudge Tool) (R) slightly soften the edges of the picture:

Next, copy the layer with clothes, remove the visibility from the first layer of clothes and erase everything on the new one except the object to which we will apply the texture of the fabric. This is what you should get:

Come on: Filter – Texture – Grain (Filter – Texture – Grain):

Discolored is our picture, pressing Ctrl + Shift + U. Apply Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur (Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur)

Change blending mode layer on Glow (Luminosity) and install transparency (Opacity) 75%.

Combine these 2 layers.
Create a new layer. Ctrl + Shift + Alt + N, group it with a colored layer of clothing. Take soft brush white and process the edges of the girl

Create a copy of this layer and place it under it. Apply Gaussian blur.
Let’s go Image – Correction – Selective Color Correction (Image – Adjustments – Selective Color.)

Now let’s do the background. Take the tool Pipette and click on the girl’s hair to copy this color. We take the second color – blue. Let’s go Filter – Rendering – Clouds (Filter – Render – Clouds).

Now go to the layer with the girl and adjust the brightness. Image – Correction – Brightness / Contrast (Image – Adjustments – Brightness / Contrast).

Then, we will work with the background color: go to the layer with the background and go Image – Correction – Hue / Saturation (Image – Adjustments – Hue / Saturation) (ctrl + u).

Now choose the tool Eraser (Eraser Tool) and partially erase this layer. You should have something like this:

Change now a little brightness, contrast, color tone, etc. using the commands suggested earlier.

Go to the layer with the contours and change a bit of their color. Image – Correction – Selective color correction (Image – Adjustments – Selective Color).

We copy this layer (ctrl + j) and accept to it Gaussian blur (Gaussian Blur)

Minimize visibility layer (opacity) up 90%.

Create new layer and draw an oval on it, very blur it with Gaussian blur. You should have something like this:

In the picture it should look something like this:

Merge all layers (Ctrl + Shift + E). Using the tool rectangular selection, we select the whole picture and slightly reduce its size to create a frame.

Let’s go Image – Correction – Curves (Image – Adjustments – Curves) (ctrl + m).

This is what should happen at the end:

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