Audi Car Sketch

In this lesson we will learn how to draw a sketch of an Audi car.
The first thing we need to do is create a new file: FileNew(File – New) or press a combination Ctrl+N.

After creating a new document, use the Fill tool and fill the background layer with white color. Create a new layer Layer– New – Layer (Layers – New – Layer). Next, select the tool Brush (Brush) and draw a sketch of the car:

Decrease Opacity(Transparency) layer up to 50% and the lines in the picture become more accurate:

Now we have to invert the colors on the background and contours: Image – Adjustments – Invert (Ctrl + I) (Image-Correction-Inversion). Copy the sketch layer Layer – Duplicate Layer(Ctrl + J) (Layers-Create a duplicate layer) then blur it with a special filter Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur (Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur)

Create a new layer under the sketch layer. Choose Brush (Brush) and paint the car with the main color.

Copy this layer and apply a filter to it. Gaussian blur. Merge these two layers Layer – Merge Down (Layers – Merge layers) (Ctrl + E). Further we use DodgeTool (Clarifier) ​​in order to highlight the bright areas. Further we use Burn tool (Dimmer) to add shadows. Choose a tool Smudge (Finger) and soften the line between light and shadow.

To draw glass, lights and wheels usePenTool (Feather) adlya fillGradientTool (Gradient)

Copy the car pattern layer and group these layers: Layer – Create Clipping Mask (Ctrl + G) (Layers – Create clipping mask). Blur a copy using the filter Gaussian blur. At the end of this step we merge both layers by clicking Ctrl+E

We select disks with the help of the tool Elliptical marquee (Oval area) and apply the filter Filter – Texture – Stained Glass (Filter – Texture – Stained-glass window) and do not forget to change the layer blending mode to Overlay (Overlap).

Using the tool Pen (Pen), select the place where the grille should be and paint over with black. After that use the same filter as in the previous step.

Remove the black areas using the following selection. Select – Color Range (Selection – Color Range) and pressing the button Delete.

Copy the layer and blur the copy with the filter. Gaussian blur (Gaussian blur) (2, 3 px).

Give the lattice depth with Pen (Feather) and Gradient (Gradient).

Add Audi logo. Just draw it with a brush on a new layer.

Go to the menu Layer – Layer Style – Blending Options (Layers – Layer Style – Blending Options) and use the tools shown below:

To change the background use Gradient (Gradient).

Merge all layers by clicking a combination. Shift + Ctrl + E. Now draw the headlights, for this we use the following filter Filter – Render – Lens Flare (Filter – Rendering – Blick).

Discolored layer Image – Adjustments – Desaturate (Image – Tools – Desaturate) (Shift + Ctrl + U). Create a copy of the layer and blur it. Filter – Blur – Motion Blur (Filter – Blur – Blur in motion).

Change the blending mode of the blurred layer to Overlay(Overlap) and click Ctrl + E.

Create a new layer and paint it with Gradient . Color choose the way we want to paint over the car.

Change layer blending mode to Color burn (Blackout basics). Using Crop Tool (Frame) and Rectangular tool (Rectangle), remove unnecessary parts of the background.


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