Badge for Photoshop-wizard

In this Photoshop tutorial, we will learn how to create the Photoshop’s Badge Master.

So let’s get started.
Create a new document. Rgb by size 600 * 600 px with white background.

Refer to the tool palette and select the tool. Custom shape

Above there are settings for this tool.
We will make the badge look like a sheriff badge.
Look at the screenshot below, there red circle circled those elements
which need to pay attention:

Draw the icon will be in the mode of figures (A)
In the “Shape” window, select the star that looks like a sheriff badge (B)
If there is no such figure in the opening window, click on the arrow (B),
select a set of shapes Object and press Append.

Draw a shape:

Rasterize our shape – right-click on the shape layer and select the command Rasterize Layer

Select the shape (hold the key Ctrl and click on the layer with the figure of the left mouse button)

Go to the color picker and select 2 colors of the same shade (one slightly lighter, the other slightly darker). I chose turquoise dark colors188BB3 and light65D9DC

Select gradient tool from the toolbar and fill the shape as shown in the picture – from the letter A to B:

Deselect with keys Ctrl + D

The figure should be given a bit of effect.
Press the button at the bottom of the palette Layers.
Select Drop shadow and set the following parameters.

Then Bevel and Emboss

Further Satin

And in conclusion Stroke

If you have difficulty setting the gradient of the stroke, you can leave one dark color.
In fact, everything is simple here: by clicking on the line where you see the color gradient, another window will appear where you need to set three checkboxes – 2 along the edges with a dark color and 1 with a light one.

In the end, it should turn out like this:

For the next step, create a NEW layer.

Click on the letter “D“to reset color palette to black and white
The top color should remain white.

Make sure your new layer is active.
Select the round selection tool
And select a small part of the icon. Here’s how:

Refer to the palette Layers and set such parameters for the layer Layer 1

Now select the fill tool and fill the selection with white.
Remove selection.
After all the actions are completed, the drawing will look like this:

It remains to add the name of the owner of this badge.
I chose the font “MS Serif”, size 35 and wrote the word “MASTER”

After added some volume.

This is a solid icon:

Thank you for completing this lesson, feel free to assign this badge to yourself!

Photoshop Wizard Badge Ivana Purchela:

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