Black and Blue Navigation Bar

This lesson will teach you how to combine multiple layer styles to create a beautiful and simple navigation bar.

Step 1. First, create a new document – I used the size 540 on 220 pixels. I filled the background with black. To do this, do Edit> Fill (Edit> Run Fill) by color # 0d0d0d.

Step 2. Our second action is to create a background for the navigation buttons. Create a new layer. Layer> New> Layer (Layer> New> Layer) and select tool Rounded Rectangle(Rounded Rectangle Tool) (U). Set a fixed size 480 on 50 pixels with radius 5 pixels.

Fill this selection Linear gradient(Linear Gradient)off color # 151515 up to color # 050505. Using the tool Gradient (Gradient Tool), deselect – Ctrl + D. Ask Fill (Fill) layer 60% (setting under Transparency (Opacity) in the layers window). Difference between Transparency (Opacity) and By casting(Fill) thing is Transparency(Opacity) changes the transparency of the whole layer, and Fill (Fill) changes the opacity of everything except layer styles.

Step 3. Now we will add several layer styles to the navigation background.
Layer> Layer Style> Outer Glow (Layer> Layer Style> Outer Glow)

Layer > LayerStyle > Stroke (Layer > Layer Style > Stroke)

Now your document should look something like this:

Step 4. The next step is to add buttons. Create a new layer and using the tool Rounded Rectangle(Rounded Rectangle Tool) (U), create a selection 150 on 40 pixels (again with radius 5 pixels) on the left side of the navigation bar.

Fill this selection Linear gradient(Linear Gradient) from # 323232 before # 161616 using a gradient tool. Install Fill(Fill) this layer on 50%.

Step 5. I applied 3 layer styles to these buttons to give them depth and a more beautiful look.
Layer> Layer Styles> Inner Glow (Layer> Layer Style> Inner Glow)

Layer > LayerStyles > GradientOverlay (Layer> Layer Style> Gradient Overlay)

Layer> Layer Styles> Stroke (Layer > Stylelayer > Stroke)

Now your navigation bar should look something like this:

Step 6. Select a text tool and add text – I used a font. Bell gothic std, Bold, 20 pt, Crisp, #ffffff.

Step 7. Now repeat the steps to create the buttons with the following two buttons – I decided to make the middle button of a different color for selection. Blue colors used – # 14b9ef and # 054573.

Step 8. Since we set Fill (Fill) layers 50-60%, then we can adjust the background, and it will be translucent – at the bottom I put Radial gradient (Radial Gradient) with colors that are used in the Vista theme.

Author: photoshoptutorials

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