Burning candle

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In this Photoshop tutorial we will draw a burning candle.

1. Open the new size file. A4

2. On the new layer, we will fill it with black color.

3. Take a rectangular selection without feathering and draw the shape of our candle. What is she like? This is for your taste! On a new layer, fill it with color #faeea0

4. Now the current wax. Again, take a rectangular selection. and make a few chaotic vertical bars (selection settings- “add to selected area”), like this.

Fill the selection on the new layer with color #faeea0

The blank for our candle is made!

5. Let’s apply to our candle such styles:

Gradient overlay


and it will turn out like this:

6. Let’s erase the small size and medium softness of the top of the candle so that it looks like it has burned out, it will turn out like this:

7. Now we will deal with the current wax. Applying the same style to it as a candlestick will turn out like this:

Apply the Gaussian Blur filter, Radius = four.

8. Now take the finger tool. and “sell” our wax on a candle, add realistic droplets. It will turn out like this:

This operation will require a little patience and care.

9. Take a tool “dimmer” with a range of “light” or it is “hard colors”, exposure thirty% and give more volume and naturalness of the current wax. It will turn out like this:

10. So that the candle does not look so “pretty and new”, let’s add to it the following style:

Pattern overlay

The texture is called Bark 200 for 200 pixels. RGB.

11. The candle must be lit! Draw the wick with a bright red line tool. 40 pix Rasterize it, place the layer under the candle, approximately in the middle of the candle. Apply styles:

As a result:

12. And finally – the flame! With the tool “arbitrary figure” we draw just such a “drop of fire” color #ffb541 and we rasterize it. Naturally, we have a layer of flame above all layers. Apply to the light “blur Gauss”, radius = 18:

13. Now apply to fire style:

and it will turn out like this:

14. From the candle comes a pleasant, warm light … Take a large, soft, round brush, create a new layer on top of all. Color #fda432 with opacity 75% click 1 time in the place where there should be a candlelight (I hope everyone represents what kind of place it is).

Then take an eraser that will be smaller than the brush used to paint the light, opacity 50% and wipe around the fire “hole” in the layer of “light.” It turns out like this:

Let’s set this layer the blending mode “lightening” aka “screen” and it will turn out like this:

15. To make the candle flame “play”, we will work with it a little with the “finger” and “dimmer” tools – at our discretion:

16. Now we draw the light from the candle on a horizontal surface. To do this, take the tool “oval area” with feathering 90px., let’s draw a big oval and on the new layer under the candle fill it with color #fda432:

Let’s draw a smaller oval and fill it with black color (on the same layer). Now reduce the layer opacity to 73% and give it a style:

Pattern overlay

After all the effort you will have something like this:

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