Christmas candle

In this Photoshop tutorial draw a blue New Year’s candle.

Create a new document (here 345×345 px and 72 dpi)
Take the tool , set the corner radius on 40px and draw a square shape. Remember to set the tool in shape mode.

Click the button at the bottom of the layers palette and add layer styles.
Stroke style:

“Gradient Overlay”

Click on the gradient line and set the following parameters:

This is what you should do:

Create a new layer. Take the “Circles” brush. Color for circles use #2D9700.

Pinch Ctrl and click on the icon of the layer with the square. Go to the circle layer, click Ctrl + Shift + I (invert selection), then press the key Delete. Circles will be cut and remain only in the square.

Now draw a rectangle with round corners. Then grab the Pen tool with a “+” sign., Put two additional points on the sides of the candle, hold down the Ctrl key (the cursor turns into an arrow) and move these points slightly to the center.

Apply the following styles.


Gradient overlay:

Gradient options:

Now with the help of ordinary Pen draw the same shape as below. Color take #68C5EE

Again, with the help of a pen, draw a candle flame.

Duplicate the flame layer, click Ctrl + T (free transform) and reduce slightly. Apply layer styles to a small fire.

Gradient overlay:

Gradient options:

This is how it should turn out:

Take tool and draw an oval.

Apply the gradient overlay style:

Draw the wick again with Pen:

Set color #012265 and try to draw just such a ribbon, which symbolically displays the melting wax of the candle.

Now set the color to #FBD601 and draw a reflection of the flame.

Here is the result!

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Translation – Zinaida Lukyanova
Link to the lesson.

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