Christmas cookies in Photoshop

In this tutorial we will draw Christmas cookies using vector shapes and layer styles. You will also learn how to create a texture for cookies in less than a minute.

Final result:

Step 1

Create a new document in Photoshop (Ctrl + N) with a size of 800×500 pixels.

Step 2

It is necessary to draw a base for cookies in the shape of a little man. Choose a tool Pen (Pen Tool) (P) and draw the shape with the color # e09a38, as shown in the screenshot.

Step 3

Create a copy of the half layer (Ctrl + J) and rotate it to the other side (Editing> Transform> Flip Horizontal) (Edit> Transform> Flip Horizontal). Tool Move (Move Tool) (V) slide the other half to the right to get the whole body. Choose a tool Ellipse (Ellipse Tool) (U) and create a circle in place of the head.

Select all layers of the little man and merge them (Ctrl + E). The resulting layer name “Mr. Gingerbread.

Step 4

Now we are going to create textures and create effects. Blade with the right mouse button on the layer “Mr. Gingerbread ”and select Convert to Smart Object. Smart objects allow you to change filter settings at any time. Before we create the texture we darken the edges. Apply style Internal glow (Inner Glow) via fx icon.

Step 5

Apply Grain filter (Filter> Texture> Grain) (Filter> Texture> Grain).

Apply filter spatula (Filter> Imitation> Spatula) (Filter> Artistic> Palette Knife).

Step 6

Select the layer with the shape of the cookie (hold down Ctrl and click on the thumbnail of the layer). Create a new layer (Ctrl + Shift + Alt + N) and fill the selection with black color using the tool Fill (Paint Bucket Tool) (G). Remove the selection (Ctrl + D) and create a copy of the black fill layer (Ctrl + J). Name it “Shadow” and drop it under the layer “Mr. Gingerbread.

Select the top layer with the black silhouette of the little man and apply Mezzotint filter (Filter> Appearance> Mezzotint) (Filter> Pixelate> Mezzotint): select Grainy Dots. Set the blending mode of this layer to Lightening (Screen) and reduce the opacity to 20%.

Step 7

Select the “Shadow” layer and drop it a few pixels. Then apply Gaussian Blur filter (Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur) (Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur) with a value of 4 pixels.

Step 8

We got quite realistic cookies in the shape of a little man. Further work will be devoted to decorations. We need to prepare a brush for this. Create a new document in Photoshop size 50×50 pixels with a transparent background. Tool Rectangle (Rectangle Tool) (U) Create a small strip. Activate mode Free transform (Ctrl + T) and rotate it clockwise. At the lower end of the rectangle draw a circle with the tool Ellipse (Ellipse Tool) (U).

Both layers need to be combined. Create a copy of the resulting layer (Ctrl + J) and turn it the other way (Editing> Transform> Flip Horizontal) (Edit> Transform> Flip Horizontal). The whole process of creating the desired pattern is shown in the screenshot below. Merge both layers of the pattern (Ctrl + E), and then go to the menu Editing> Define Brush (Edit> Define Brush Preset). Give the name of the new brush and click OK.

Step 9

Return to the main document, select the color # d9d4d4 and open the brushes panel (F5). Select the brush you created and customize it as shown below.

Choose a tool Pen (Pen Tool) (P) in outline drawing mode. Draw a curved line on the leg of a little man. Create a new layer, right-click on the canvas and select the item Outline the contour (Stroke Path). In the window that opens, select Brush (Brush) and click OK. The contour will be outlined with the brush that we previously set up. To remove the outline, press Enter.

Draw patterns on the other foot and arms.

Step 10

Apply styles to one of the layers with a jagged pattern. Inner shadow (Inner Shadow) and Casting a shadow (Drop Shadow).

Right click on this layer and select Copy layer style (Copy Layer Style). Then click on the rest of the patterned layers and select Paste style layer (Paste Layer Style).

Step 11

Draw a circle with color # 280a00 on the little man’s face.

Step 12

Apply the following styles to the circle:

Internal glow (Inner Glow):

Casting a shadow (Drop Shadow):


Create a new layer, select a small soft brush and draw a faint glow on the eye. Then create a copy of the eye and slide it to the right.

Step 13

To draw a smile, we will again use the outline stroke method. Select a brush and give it a small size (8-9 pixels). Draw a contour line and circle it with this brush.

Copy the styles from the eyes and paste them into a smile. Use a small soft brush to draw a glow along the smile line and apply a filter. Gaussian blur (Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur) (Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur) with a value of 1 pixel. Reduce the opacity of the glow layer to 60%.

Step 14

Now draw round buttons with color # 0a7704.

Copy styles from eye to button and change style settings Internal glow (Inner Glow).

Create two copies of the button and position them like this:

Step 15

Draw a scarf with the color # e30000 using a contour stroke with a brush of 7-8 pixels.

Apply the following styles:

Stamping (Bevel Emboss):

Casting a shadow (Drop Shadow):


Step 16

Draw some more strips and copy the necessary styles on them.

Step 17

Let’s create a girlfriend for our little man. Put all its layers in a group (Ctrl + G), and then create a copy of this group. Move the second man to another location and inside the group, remove the scarf layers. In the Free Transform (Ctrl + T) mode, increase the size of the buttons and change the settings for their Inner Glow style.

Step 18

We will add a bow to the second cookie. Tool Pen(Pen Tool) (P) in shape drawing mode, draw half a bow with color # f20000.

Step 19

Apply styles to half a bow Casting a shadow (Drop Shadow) and Stamping (Bevel Emboss) with the same settings as in the 15th step. Create a copy of the half of the bow and turn it over. Create a white oval between the halves of the bow. Apply the same styles to it.

Step 20

Using the method described above, you can create cookies of any shape.

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