Christmas tree

In this lesson we will draw a stylish Christmas tree from scratch!
Such beauty you have not seen!

To start, create a new document. File> New (File> New), approximately 1920×1200 px, 72 dpi. The background is painted black, applying Paint Bucket Tool (G)

Using Pen Tool (P), try to draw the same curve as in the picture below.
If you do not know how to work with the Pen tool, we recommend reading this article.

Create a new layer, take the Brush tool, set the brush size 3 px, opacity 100%, Colour # 37FF00.

Now switch back to Pen (P), right-click on the contour and select the command Outline the contour (Stroke path).

A small window will appear, uncheck “Simulate pressure” (if installed) and click OK. To hide the outline, press Ctrl + H.

Unnecessary elements are erased with the Eraser Tool (E). This is what should happen:

Now select burn tool (O) and darken those parts of the helix that are visually further away from us. Now we see the volume.

Make a copy of this layer (Ctrl + J)

Next, we will remove the dark lines at their intersections, getting the effect that the line is behind the other.

Make several copies of the lines (Ctrl + J).

Next, select the Brush tool (B) and set the settings below:

Brush color #EDFE87 and opacity ten%

Create a new layer and set the brush with a spiral, creating a semblance of smoke:

On a new layer, using the tool (M) Create a rectangular selection and fill it with color.4BCE2A.

On the layers palette choose Blend Mode Darkening basics (Color Burn) as shown below:

Our fir has become more saturated.

Make a copy of the smoke layer and place it at the very top of the layers palette.

Now select the Brush Tool (B) and click on the button “Brushes Palette”, which is located on the top panel:

Install everything exactly as shown below:

Create a new layer, the color for the brush, select the same as for the smoke. Try adding light spots to the tree, as shown. Then set the blending mode for this layer to Overlap (Overlay).

Set a smaller brush size and repeat the operation on the new layer. This time, the blending mode is allowed to remain Normal.

Take even less brush and repeat the steps on the new layer.

Now we will make a star. Choosing a tool (U) five-pointed star. Color for shape #F6FF9F.

For a star, set the following Layer Styles.

Shadow (Drop Shadow):

External glow (Outer Glow):

Here is such an elegant we got a Christmas tree!

Author: designstacks

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