Clouds, and clouds …

In this lesson we will look at two ways to draw clouds. Both of them are quite complex, so do not wait for the perfect result the first time.
Let’s get started

First you need to create a background. You can simply fill it with sky blue or apply a gradient fill in blue.

Experiment with the settings Hue / Saturation (Hue / Saturation), you can give a sunset effect.

Take the brush tool (Brush), set the stiffness to 100%, the size – 40 pixels, opacity – 80, Colour – # F4A07C. Draw chaotically,
do not make all the lines the same, nature does not like symmetry. The lighted side of the clouds should be brighter. Compare your result with the picture.

Change the brush size and add small details.

Choose a color # 9B9098 and draw a shadow

Now in places where the shade goes to the main color, add red-orange or peach

And now the fun part. Choose a brush color a little brighter than peach. Add waves to the clouds so that they look more airy.
Use a hard brush, choose the diameter at your discretion. All movements must be chaotic! Tool Blur(Blur) lightly smear the waves.

This is the final result.

Here is another interesting way to draw clouds.

Background use a little lighter.

Choosing a hard brush, the color should be lighter and less saturated than the brightest part of the background. Draw a cloud like in the picture

In this way, we draw the clouds as layers. Select the white color of the brush with opacity somewhere in the area. 30-50 and gently draw on the edges.

Again, we take the color that we used at the beginning to draw the cloud and, slightly touching the edge of the white part, we sketch the whole cloud.

Repeat this cycle until the entire cloud zone is filled.

This is the final result.

Adding small details, playing with the color settings, you can get this result.

Good luck!

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