Create a beautiful pixel art pattern in Photoshop

Do you like coffee and donuts? I love them too! But after this lesson we will love them even more! Today you will learn how to create a beautiful pattern in the style of Pixel Art in Photoshop. It is very easy and simple, an excellent lesson for a beginner level or to refresh knowledge for an advanced user level. So let’s get started!

The final result:

1. Create a Donut

Step 1

Create a new working paper with the following dimensions: 200? 200 px, background color transparent (transparent). Zoom in on 1200% so we can see the pixels. Next, select the tool Pencil (Pencil Tool (B)), pencil size 1 px. Now start drawing the outline of the donut.

The colors for donut will be as follows:

  • Contour stroke: #cd793f
  • Glaze: #ff7d61
  • Topping: #e0ec25 and #b3ddec

Step 2

Once you have created a donut outline, then add a glaze to the donut, to do this, fill in the area inside the created stroke on the new layer with color. Do not fill the donut center with color.

Next, add a few squares for sprinkling. You can use any color shade at your discretion. As soon as your donut is ready, combine all the layers together.

2. Create a Coffee Cup

Step 1

What a donut and without a good cup of coffee? Turn off the visibility of the combined donut layer. Create a new layer to create a contour stroke for the cup. Use dark gray and light gray tones to contour the cup, and then draw a pen to the cup.

Step 2

Fill the cup with a pale pink color. #fcdfc6, and also draw one strip of dark brown color #b25d37 imitating the coffee drink itself.

Finally, draw curved lines above the cup, imitating hot steam from coffee.

3. Create a Heart

Step 1

To show your love for coffee and donuts, add a beautiful heart! First draw one half of the heart, and then duplicate the layer with the half of the heart (Ctrl + J). Next, horizontally mirror the duplicate layer, for this we go Editing – Transformation – Flip Horizontal (Edit> Transform> Flip Horizontal).

Add shadows to the heart, as well as a bright white highlight. Once you create a heart, merge all the layers related to the heart into one layer.

4. Create a Pattern

Step 1

Arrange all the elements of your pattern in the order that you like. To create a balance pattern, duplicate a layer with a heart. Place a duplicate heart on the opposite side, and then reflect the duplicate heart horizontally, for this we go Editing – Transformation – Flip Horizontal (Edit> Transform> Flip Horizontal).

Now, merge all the layers with the elements of your pattern into one layer, and also do not forget that the background of the pattern should be transparent.

Note translator: before Creating a pattern, do not forget to turn on the visibility of the disconnected layers with a donut and a cup of coffee.

Step 2

Choose a tool Rectangular area (Rectangular Marquee Tool (M)). Using this tool, create a rectangular selection around the created pattern, and then go Editing – Define a pattern (Edit> Define Pattern) and in the window that appears give the name to your new pattern.

Step 3

Let’s test a new pattern in the background, to do this, right-click on the layer and select the option in the menu that appears Options overlay (Blending Options). Next, select a layer style. Pattern overlay (Pattern Overlay), and then select the pattern that you just created.

And that is all! Creating patterns and pictures in the style of pixel art is very simple to perform in Photoshop. Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Good luck, do not hesitate to lay out their work! See you again!

The final result:

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