Create a cartoon character in Photoshop

Step 1. Create a new document. 600 x 600pix .:

Step 1. Using the tool PenTool (Pen), draw:

Choose a tool Brush (Brush) and configure it as follows:

Create a new layer and stroke the outline:

Indicate that you want to simulate pressure:

You’ll get:

The first and last points should be about the same level. Roughly speaking, so that the tail would later grow out of a kitten, and not hang in the air.

Step 3. Now you need to create a selection:

Create a new layer again and fill it with color. #eoneeoneeone:

Step 4. We draw further:

Right-click and select from the menu that appears. Strokepath (Outline the contour …)

(On new layer)

Create a selection and fill it with the same color as before on the new layer.

Step 5. Draw the head.

(Each object should be on a new layer) The thickness of the stroke lines should correspond to this map:

Step 6. We draw eyes. Go to the brushes palette and select the following settings:

We draw the eye contour and make a stroke, but without imitation of pressure:

Step 7. Now darken and brighten with tools. BurnTool (Dimmer) and DodgeTool (Clarifier) ​​some details, as well as in these places, walk with a soft eraser :

We darken the muzzle.


Step 8. Let’s put our squirrel on a black background.

Draw an oval:

Make an oval blur. Create a new layer and go Filter> Render> Lightingeffects(Filter – Rendering – Lighting Effects) and apply the settings shown below:

Use a soft brush with a small transparency to draw a shadow under the squirrel, and also move the brush along the oval to make it look dirty:

Step 9. Add the final touches depending on any flaws.

Transfer: Mishina Rita
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